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Because your clients' staff is currently not always able to work in a traditional office workspace, your clients are looking for solutions that offer the following:

  • Business continuity
  • The ability to stay productive
  • The ability to collaborate remotely
  • Assurance that their information is secure
  • Ability to sign contracts seamlessly with eSignature

Dropbox has been supporting mobility and enabling secure remote working for years. This is a great opportunity for your customers to see how Dropbox Business and HelloSign for eSignature capabilities can help them enable secure remote working for their business.

Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

Why Dropbox Business?

  • Fastest sync technology Dropbox Business is the fastest and most reliable File Sync solution worldwide
  • Data ownership A secure and simple solution to take control of business data
  • Extensive Admin Control features Permissions and management views
  • Additional tools in Dropbox Business to improve collaboration both internally and externally
  • Good margins on sales and recurring annual revenue streams
  • Additional Attach Opportunity with other products like HelloSign and additional API sales attached to Dropbox
Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

HelloSign is the best eSignature solution

  • HelloSign's solution gives you the ability to have unlimited signature requests per use
  • HelloSign allows for customers to purchase HelloSign on a per signature usage model
  • HelloSign has integrations with Microsoft, Google & Salesforce
  • HelloSign customer support is free of charge
  • HelloSign is easy to use and easy to implement

Keep work flowing—and your business growing.

Now that businesses are facing a new normal, it’s more important than ever for your customers to have a unified workspace that connects content, tools and teams to keep work moving forward. Through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, Dropbox delivers everything businesses need flexibly, securely and efficiently—and it’s all instantly accessible no matter where their remote teams are located.

By partnering with Dropbox and Cloud Marketplace, your customers can benefit from seamless app integration, mobile collaboration, top-notch cybersecurity and unrivaled support—all while you build an expanded solutions portfolio and a future-proof business model to increase your revenue. So, if you’re looking for a proven way to grow your business in the age of remote work, show your customers how their workstreams can flow more easily with Dropbox and Cloud Marketplace.


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