Modern Support: A Key Factor When Becoming Future Ready In The IaaS Cloud Space

Whether you have already moved to the cloud or are considering taking the leap into the IaaS Cloud space, moving from an on-premises structure to a cloud or hybrid environment can be challenging. There’s plenty to strategize about, but first things first – congratul.. Continue

Modern Support: A Key Factor When Becoming Future Ready In The IaaS Cloud Space
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Whether you have already moved to the cloud or are considering taking the leap into the IaaS Cloud space, moving from an on-premises structure to a cloud or hybrid environment can be challenging. There’s plenty to strategize about, but first things first – congratulations on taking your first steps into creating a future ready environment for business growth!

If you are at a crossroads, understand that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the fastest-growing cloud computing model where data lives safely and securely. IaaS services provide a high level of redundancy, spreading applications across multiple physical machines in different locations. The most common IaaS use cases and reason to move to the cloud are:

  • Test and development
  • Web apps
  • Storage, backup, and recovery
  • High-performing computing
  • Big data analytics

While you may experience limitations when moving to the cloud such as complex integration with existing systems, regulatory uncertainty, lack of support, or simply the expense, advance preparation will lesson the anxiety and provide the road map for scalability, elasticity, flexibility, agility, and so much MORE.

A successful cloud strategy includes a holistic enablement approach. Change can cause disruption in the workflow. Empowering your time with a clear enablement program will help simplify the complexities of the cloud and keep everyone on track. We are here to help teach you how to prepare yourself and your business’s IT engineers with a well-rounded Partner Enablement program to enlighten your cloud journey.


A partner enablement program should include all aspects of a Partner’s Journey. That is why when we set out to design and create a program, we wanted to deliver services, promotions, and offerings to support partners actively working towards progressing through the AWS Partner Network (APN). For those not familiar with the AWS APN, it is a global partner program for technology and consulting businesses that leverages AWS to build solutions and services for customers. The APN helps companies build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing “valuable” business, technical, and marketing support.

Our goal was to capture our years of experience and maximize all the resources available from AWS and mold them together with additional benefits to help fill the gaps in growing a successful AWS business. Thus, offering our Partners MORE support, MORE services, and MORE ways to scale their business. Our Enablement Partner Transformation Program includes four pillars of Partner success: Coaching, Marketing, Sales, and Technical.

So, let’s dive into each pillar:

  • Coaching: Receive coaching and access to the Partner Transformation Program (PTP) to support you through roadblocks, keep you on track with deadlines, and help you achieve your goal.
  • Marketing: Unlock a variety of benefits to aid in your marketing and customer demand generation activities.
  • Sales: Access tools and resources to assist in your assessments, train your sales teams, develop go-to-market strategies, and more.
  • Technical: Leverage our technical resources to efficiently resolve issues, help you win more business, and enable you through your AWS journey.

Partners can advance through the three-tiered Enablement Partner Transformation Program to unlock more benefits. The more you do with AWS, the more you get from the program in return. The enablement program is designed for both commercial and public sector. As more and more Partners are gaining momentum in the public sector, it is only suiting that the enablement program expand the courses to simply the public sector business strategies.


Navigating the world of public sector through the lens of provisioning cloud technology can be a challenge. The AWS APN Navigate Foundations program has expanded and now offers dedicated tracks to help new and existing AWS Partners build a successful public sector practice. The tracks help Partners navigate and do business in the public sector and define their specialty to accelerate their route to market. And to keep things simple, we’ve included these tracks into our Emblement Program, keeping everything under one umbrella.


Public Sector Foundations includes two tracks: Getting Started and Building a Successful Public Sector Practice.

Getting Started is an interactive experience that includes prescriptive guidance on APN requirements, tools, resources, public sector programs, and more to make sure AWS Partners have a successful start to the APN Partner journey. This track is intended for business leads responsible for growing their AWS practice by helping them understand the progression through the APN and tools to accelerate their growth.

Building a Successful Public Sector Practice consists of three interactive modules offering insight into AWS public sector segments, industry trends, and differentiations as well as sales enablement, technical considerations for building accounts at scale, contracting support, and more.

  • Module 1: Identifying Your Business Strategy: Intended for business leaders, this module covers in-depth dive into AWS public sector customers and industry trends, how to differentiate your business, and our resell and distribution models to support your growth. It addresses the most common business strategy questions received from AWS Partners and provides insight into how to differentiate your business.
  • Module 2: Planning Your Business Foundations: Intended for technical and business leaders, this module will equip you with the knowledge to build technical, sales, and engagement capabilities within your teams to ready your enterprise to win and implement business. Not only does this module provide technical guidance for our partners, it also features our Engagement Delivery Framework and tools to expedite the planning of your customer engagements.
  • Module 3: Implementing Your Business Strategy: Intended for business and procurement teams, this module will help you understand the AWS resources available to you to help secure contracts in the public sector as well as the foundations of business plans and go-to-market strategies. It also features standard Request for Proposal/Quote/Information (RFx) responses for all geographies to help partners respond to their end customer request for proposals (RFPs) and other needs.


Through Ingram Micro Cloud, partners can really take advantage of their public sector cloud business development and growth at scale, leveraging the education, tools, and support for every step along the way.

Our Contracts Alliance Program (CAP) is just one of the many tools in our public sector toolbox that enable partners to reach more opportunities, even those that seemed unattainable before. Through CAP, public sector partners gain access to a valuable portfolio of federal, state, local, and education contracts that are widely used by the public sector to procure cloud services.

Our Bid Capture Team works with our partners to support bid responses and serves as the go-to resource for bid and contract related questions. Cloud 1st Prospecting and Lead Portal is a RF(x) portal that empowers partners to prospect, identify, and win more business - featuring top solicitations identified by our Capture Team, and a self-service lead bank of current solicitations curated for cloud resellers.

To learn more about these programs and the AWS Enablement Partner Transformation program, join us for our upcoming webinar to learn the latest about Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS Public Sector programs and best practices to help scale your business by digging into the Navigate Foundations path powered by AWS Illuminate, mastering ACE opportunities, and building your public sector superpower. Save your seat.