Cloud technology is extensive and growing among healthcare organizations worldwide. Healthcare industries have realized the potential of cloud computing and how it can help them be flexible, collaborative, and consumer-focused, and give quality services to patients.

Market Overview

Healthcare organisations, both large and small, recognise the need to modernise their IT infrastructures to attract and retain patients, provide patients and providers with timely information at the point of care, and remain compliant with government regulations and best operating practices.


Business Challenges

As part of their modernisation effort, healthcare organisations face multiple challenges — many of which can be solved in the cloud.
Partner Challenges

Big data requires big storage

Healthcare organizations collect massive amounts of data. In response, they must continually upgrade their storage capacity, while facilitating quick and secure access to the data both onsite and remotely.

Value-based care requires better data analysis

Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve the patient experience while providing accurate and efficient care. Value-based care requires more data-driven decision-making, which requires stronger systems to analyze and store patient data.

Compliance requires tighter controls

Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations is another top concern for healthcare facilities. To ensure compliance, healthcare organisations must establish and implement procedures for both data backup and disaster recovery.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

The mounting IT infrastructure challenges facing the healthcare industry present unique opportunities for cloud service providers, and Ingram Micro Cloud simplifies selling and provisioning of cloud services.

Leverage industry expertise

Modernise IT

  • Support organisations’ modernisation and shift to an IT model that supports the analysis of large volumes of data

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration through secure cloud data sharing services

  • Deliver cloud services that make it possible to hold a maximum of data at the smallest possible costs

Leverage industry expertise

Capitalise on growth

  • Deliver the collaboration, storage, and analysis services and solutions needed to meet the challenges providers face growing their practices

  • Ease growing pains with robust, scalable SaaS and IaaS services

  • Monetise cloud business intelligence and analytics tools that provide meaningful insights to improve patient care

Leverage industry expertise

Leverage industry expertise

  • Grow industry expertise and expand opportunities with expert help from our team

  • Capitalise on opportunities with access to more comprehensive healthcare IT solutions than any other distributor

  • Provide world-class cloud security, backup, and disaster recovery services to ensure customers’ ongoing compliance