While traditional professional services automation (PSA) solutions have evolved from ticketing tools that support break/fix business models, CloudBlue PSA was designed from the ground up for contract profitability tracking and provides a comprehensive set of automated features for managed services.

CloudBlue PSA, formerly known as HarmonyPSA, is an all-in-one software solution that provides full visibility of your entire business from quote to cash in a single-pane-of-glass view. The solution integrates sales, finance and operational systems into one source for enhanced efficiency and communication across departments.

  • Gain visibility across your entire business by combining sales, provisioning, projects, contracts, billing and support in a single system for better decision-making.

  • Automate your manual processes such as billing reconciliation, and never worry about a product or service going unbilled again.

  • Add value to your business with every keystroke with no extra administration needed, saving time and avoiding complexity.

  • Seamlessly transact with all of Ingram Micro and access 20+ additional integrations to expand your offerings and increase revenue.

Streamline your business operations with intelligent automation

• Manage everything in one system from quote to cash for maximum efficiency with a range of automated features.

• Quickly set budgets and margins and let the solution automatically track contract profitability to save time and ensure accuracy.

• Access a world-class service desk with advanced, automated ticketing and routing to improve workflows and save time.

Simplify complex billing and financial processes with one system

• Let the system analyze procurement and invoicing to verify everything gets paid using complex billing models, including in-advance recurring billing or in-arrears PAYG metered billing.

• Replace manual and inefficient invoicing tasks with automated processes to increase accuracy and save days of time spent on billing reconciliation.

• Use multiple languages, multiple currencies, VAT/tax regimes and local date/decimal formats to serve customers across the globe.

Manage your sales cycle and integrate multiple purchasing sources

• Access a full CRM system for complete visibility of your customers, and easily track your sales pipeline and activities, including leads, opportunities and campaigns.

• Choose to integrate with all of Ingram Micro to centralize purchasing in one place for faster and easier transactions.

• Automate quotes, sales orders and purchase orders to save time, and create complex, full solution bundles in minutes to meet customer needs and increase profit.

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