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Integrating tools, unified services, and proven solutions to enable your customers to build assets and apps on virtually any platform or device. Microsoft Azure supports a broad range of devices, databases, languages, frameworks and operating systems – from Windows, to Linux, SQL Server and Oracle, to C# and Java.

As a reseller, you can capitalise on its impressive credentials. In fact, Azure is the only major hybrid-ready cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Also, Azure is always up and always on, your customers are able to share the same enterprise-tested platform that powers Skype, Office 365, Bing and Xbox.

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Why choose Azure?

  • Flexible. Build applications using any language, tool or framework, and incorporate a public Cloud solution with almost any existing IT environment.
  • Dependable. Count on applications and services, with a 99.5% monthly SLA, and automatic OS and service patching.
  • Comprehensive. Benefit from a wide range of usage-based services, including applications, storage and network services.
  • Direct. Sell the Azure subscription directly to the customer, and bill them as they wish, by SKU, meter, or a price set by you.
  • Tailored. Let the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace automatically provision services, for bundling with additional Cloud solutions.
  • Simple. Send consolidated monthly bills to your customers, all handled by the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

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The Azure Partner Journey

Taste Azure

Get to know the basics of the Azure opportunity with EasyAzure.

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Infrastructure Your Way

Understand more about how to answer the technical needs of your customers.

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Accelerate your existing Azure business.

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Maximise every opportunity at every stage of the journey.

Here’s how Ingram Micro can help you give your customers more – whilst ensuring you make the most of every opportunity:

  • We offer a range of packages that enable you to offer design; pilot migration scenarios; and full migration of server environments with live support.
  • Our technical consultants of infrastructure specialists and are on hand to understand your practice, goals and blockers.
  • We provide packaged digital marketing services to help drive your business – including consultation, delivery and selective co-funding.

Receive support every step of the way and ascend to a higher level of Cloud success.

We’ll work with you to develop a training plan, offer advice on workloads, build a Microsoft Azure business plan, define a Cloud practice within your business, and support digital go-to-market motions.

  • Expert advice from IaaS business development and technical specialists
  • Professional technical Cloud adoption workshops and services
  • Support packages, including direct, 24/7 access to the world’s top Microsoft technical experts
  • Comms-care support solutions, backed by Microsoft Premier Support

Every enterprise business today can benefit from using public Cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure.

Everywhere we turn, everyone’s talking about the Cloud. Buried under the avalanche of buzz words are real benefits of Cloud platforms for companies big and small.

  • Procure and provision servers in no time at all
  • Easily scale up and down depending on your customers’ needs
  • Save on costs – only pay for what they use

Every enterprise business today can benefit from using public Cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure.

Everywhere we turn, everyone’s talking about the Cloud. Buried under the avalanche of buzz words are real benefits of Cloud platforms for companies big and small.



Many businesses are making the move to Cloud. However many IT departments still have questions that need answering before they enter the Cloud.


Microsoft Azure is a broad, flexible and trustworthy platform that integrates with existing IT assets like no other, delivering the benefits of the Cloud on your customers’ terms.


Your customers can integrate on-premise and Cloud,  in a seamless way, allowing them to use the same and existing management tools, staff, skills and knowledge for both. In fact, in this truly hybrid IT model, you can integrate across infrastructure, apps, identity and databases.


Microsoft Azure is also designed with heterogeneous environments in mind. Even when the infrastructure includes a variety of OSs, databases, middleware and toolsets, from multiple IT vendors – Azure allows for a variety of workloads to be run, using different languages, such as Windows or Linux, Java or .NET, PHP or Python.


Is Azure safe and reliable?

With public Cloud, your servers are outside your firewalls, so you need to be sure your Cloud provider meets all your customers’ security and compliance needs. Microsoft Azure is a solid, trustworthy Cloud, backed by Microsoft’s industry-leading privacy policies, compliance programmes and Global security measures. And with SLAs of 99.9% or more, the Azure platform exceeds the highest industry standards of compliance.


With Microsoft Azure, you can harness the potential of Cloud computing to increase your business profitability, and solve your customers’ business problems.

Microsoft Azure on Cloud Marketplace Download Datasheet Download Infographic

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