The Power of AI in Dynamics 365

Okay, AI, Artificial Intelligence, when I used to hear this term my mind automatically went here: I can’t be the only one! Now when I hear this term, it doesn’t take me here, although come on Terminator 2, possibly the best sequel of all time after Godfather 2.. Continue

The Power of AI in Dynamics 365

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Mathew Batterbee

Okay, AI, Artificial Intelligence, when I used to hear this term my mind automatically went here:

The Terminator or Star Wars

I can’t be the only one!

Now when I hear this term, it doesn’t take me here, although come on Terminator 2, possibly the best sequel of all time after Godfather 2, just try and change my mind!! sorry I’m losing track here, now when I think AI, I think of this:

Artificial Intelligence transforming business

I picked that image because I automatically think about the clock as just time, and AI enabling users to be more productive and enabling businesses to achieve more with their time, making smarter decisions using AI, machine learning and insights.

What I want to do with this blog is highlight a few things Dynamics 365 really does have when it comes to AI, because it does have a lot, I mean just look at the list of AI offerings available:

A decent offering with a lot of capabilities that’s for sure. Enabling businesses to get a better view of their customer date, gain insights to create more personalised experiences for each customer to create better customer loyalty. Or from a sales perspective, using AI to basically increase your sales, again using the customer data to make better decisions throughout the sales process and create better longstanding relationships. Help protect against fraud, improve efficiencies in a retail store and improve forecasting and budgets. Really the possibilities are endless, the power of Dynamics 365 and the AI capabilities are “next level” as I would say, and it just continues to improve, you’ve only got to see this upcoming 2020 Release Wave 2 to see what I’m talking about.

What I really want to do with this blog is get minds working, if you’re a Microsoft Partner, then see how your customers could benefit, and for anyone working for any company, hopefully see how this can impact your business. I won’t cover everything because what’s the fun in that, and I only have an hour between calls to get this typed up, so time is of the essence here people!

Figuring out the best way to do this is tough, so I’m going to pick 3 or 4 of the above (let’s see how far I get before my call) and go through them one by one, highlight some key benefits, how it’s impacting customers, and then make your mind up for yourself:

Advisors are optimistic about business for 2020

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights:

A business using Dynamics 365 Sales Insights really is going to make 2020 “their year” and it’s really going to enable them to thrive even in these unprecedented times. You’ve only got to look at some of the capabilities in the application and what it enables businesses to do. Enabling businesses to plan better, guide their salespeople better, automate more processes to free up time and be more productive, and overall just accelerate their growth, and sales process. As a previous sales manager, I know coaching is important, and sharing best practice is key to a successful sales team. Sometimes this can prove difficult but the fact that with Sales Insights managers gain more visibility of their team, their conversations, the deals, even the ability to flag at risk deals, and enable them to provide better feedback. I mean imagine being able to track everything in real time and coach in real time easily, and see what the top salespeople are doing in order to share that with the full team to better coach the overall team, also tracking overall team weaknesses to enable better group coaching across the board rather than one at a time, again enabling better productivity. I love that stuff, as an ex sales manager, I wish I had that! And for the salespeople, enabling them to really manage their relationships better, track key personalised talking points to better build relationships. And if you’re a salesperson, being able to focus on the right deals at the right time would be great, and these AI capabilities prioritise opportunities and leads based on the profitability and likelihood of buying, improving conversions and overall success of sales, keep in mind those at risk deals are being tracked and next best steps recommended to enable salespeople to convert even more.

All in all some great AI capabilities, just scratching the surface, but you can really see the benefits surely! I mean if Sarah Connor had these kind of AI capabilities, The Terminator would be no problem because she’d be predicting his next move! Sorry, sidetracked again!

visual engagement and customer loyalty

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

Customer loyalty is massively important, and let’s face it, now more than ever. At the end of the day no business wants to lose customers, and these days it’s so easy to do that. There is so much competition, it’s easier than ever before to moan about a business on social media and get the word out, and it probably takes one poor experience to lose that customer. I’m part of the problem I won’t lie, a bad experience in a restaurant and I’m probably never going back, loads of other restaurants to try. I mean in Terminator 2 if…. No I’m not going to do it again I’m sorry #BlameSkynet.

Customer Insights has an amazing set of capabilities really enabling a business to get a full 360-degree view of their customers, and really enabling a business to easily deliver personalised experiences. With that first point in mind, better view of customers, what does that mean? Well imagine having data on your customers to show their transactional, observational and behavioural data? And in REAL TIME! Awesome right? Whenever I talk about this I always say if Hotel Chocolat are going to market to me, November and December is the time to do it, I spend a fortune in their at Christmas!! And if they had my data they’d know this and they’d know my transactional history, the Christmas crackers I buy every year, the advent calendars, the snacks for the walk home from the shop (got to be done!) – so they could market to me based on these “data points” and it’s more than likely going to attract me in. And it’s not just about that, but think about the capabilities such as being able to predict churn, and receive next best actions and product recommendations to improve retention, all out of the box with Customer Insights!

I could go on but I really want to do at least one more in this blog before my next call, but as you can see there are some awesome capabilities, really powerful stuff indeed!

D365 Commerce and Connected Store

Dynamics 365 Connected Store

Dynamics 365 Connected Store, no chance of Terminator references with this one right?


Image 5

I promise that’s the last one, I’ll stop! Connected Store is awesome, and one thing I always do when talking about this is telling people to go watch the M&S Food case study on YouTube, just a short video but it is AWESOME! In fact, CLICK HERE and go watch it, 1 minute and 19 seconds of just great content and really highlighting how great Connected Store and Dynamics 365 really is, and it’s evolved since then!

Connected Store enables retail businesses to use their real-time observational data to improve in-store performance, analysing customer movement, product status and the shopping experience to optimise the retail space. Is an isle getting frequently congested? Do you need to move things round? Are the queue lines getting too big? And let’s face it queue lines as we know now are both inside and outside the shops. Are people leaving the queues and therefore not coming in the shop? Connected Store really does enable retailers to increase profitability, really ensuring operational and staffing effectiveness, making sure they’re getting alerts and acting on those alerts, making sure the store is stocked up, anything out-of-stock is replenished quickly, improving the display effectiveness and improving overall customer engagement, and just the customer experience, again improving customer loyalty.

Right I best stop now or I will be late for my next call! Hopefully in this blog I’ve been able to highlight some great benefits, if you like this blog I can cover the rest of them off, and try not to get too many Terminator references in!

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you’d like to discuss Dynamics further you can check out our Dynamics 356 Accelerate website HERE or email me at