Digital Transformation: The value of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) within the channel

Digital transformation has become a buzz word within the channel space - integrating into common business language seamlessly - so it’s no secret that its importance is instrumental in keeping the modern workplace on its toes... Continue

Digital Transformation with SUSE

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Tom Nicholson

Digital transformation has become a buzz word within the channel space - integrating into common business language seamlessly - so it’s no secret that its importance is instrumental in keeping the modern workplace on its toes. Industry leaders around the globe need to offer the right tools and solutions to adapt and scale their businesses to bring this back around to benefit the ultimate stakeholder; the consumer.

Never being able to completely understand the evolving demands of the modern workplace, both partners and end-users have turned to SaaS to deliver a sound go-to-market strategy to mitigate the risks of investing resources into in-house applications. Impacting the raw delivery and acquisition of computer power and application capabilities, businesses are discovering that they can increase work uptime and productivity when moving their operations to the cloud. Through reclassifying their traditional functional capabilities, they can continue focusing on their customer experience and business enablement while adapting to the ever-changing modern workplace.

Why are partners adopting SaaS solutions?

  1. Growing ecosystems

The number of offered SaaS solutions in the modern workplace are rising, and as innovative technology becomes available in the channel, we are at the forefront of onboarding these vendors. Ingram Micro are dedicated to offering our customers the best solutions to meet their customers business demands whilst maximising their ROI.

One vendor which has made large strides within digital transformation is our latest vendor SUSE. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications is the leading Linux platform for SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA. Fortunately, SAP adapts and develops with transformation and helps you to understand how to evolve your business and focus on this change, whilst managing costs and simplicity. SAP S/4HANA simplifies the shift to an agile business model by streamlining processes and management. With SUSE Linux Enterprise as the core operating system, you can move your business forward with confidence and readiness of any digital demands that are to come.


  1. Scalability for the future

Although, the benefits of integrating your different cloud solutions, whether that be IaaS, PaaS or UCC are unparalleled compared to having a decentralised means of running your end-users’ operations. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, so you need to ensure that you start to foster and future-proof productivity and collaboration in the modern workplace.

With flexible pricing tariffs and plans, SaaS solutions can grant your business the leverage to scale faster. The ability to grow sustainably with ease is the number one reason why many end-users are going indirect. Understanding the need to focus on business needs, you can build a healthy relationship with your end-users with more monitoring capabilities, consultancy and enablement.


  1. Low set-up and infrastructure costs

Cloud storage is greatly surpassing the number of local databases being used by numerous businesses, predominantly due to the flexibility and lower running costs that it brings. It’s not just standardised IaaS solutions either; public cloud is highly adaptable.

SUSE, for example, is an operating system run on Linux and makes traditional IT infrastructure efficient and simplified for developers. With the flexibility of cloud storage and the applications you can deploy within these, it makes for a preferable option for most MSPs, ISVs, resellers and end-users alike.

Resellers, ISVs and MSPs who are still discovering the full potential of SaaS solutions need to consider the customer and competitive dynamics of their market, to determine what pace and degree of change is appropriate for their business. If you’re a business who is looking to expand your cloud portfolio, SaaS solutions are a great starting block to deliver that effective implementation for your end-users.

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