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Organisations adopting cloud solutions to power the collaboration and productivity within their workplace are doing so to offer their businesses more agility, flexibility and adaptability. Fronted by a new generation of digitally nomadic millennials, 93% of organisation.. Continue


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Tom Nicholson

Organisations adopting cloud solutions to power the collaboration and productivity within their workplace are doing so to offer their businesses more agility, flexibility and adaptability. Fronted by a new generation of digitally nomadic millennials, 93% of organisations are utilising cloud solutions to suit the needs of a tech-savvy workforce. Software-as-a-Service is particularly valuable in organisations who seek to build on efficiencies driven by solutions such as Office 365, where cloud adoption has been exponential.  

With 60% of organisations believing that cloud adoption is very important to their digital transformation, IT budgets have stretched and in order to reduce costs and streamline their processes, many businesses have started to seek new business areas they can migrate to the cloud. One of the newest service areas that a growing number of partners are turning to, is legal agreements-as-a service. The modern workplace is constantly looking for new ways to build and maintain efficiencies; reducing lead times for getting access to the services they need such as legal agreements which are vital in supporting partners to build strong relationships with their customers.

For many partners, the process of engaging traditional legal services to create agreements for their services is often seen as a costly expense. This cost is not just monetary; the time and resources needed to explain what they do and assess draft agreements is a source of frustration for many partners who simply want the agreements they need right now. Specifically, Microsoft partners are finding that the existing traditional options for getting the legal agreements they need are obstructive to the speed at which they now need to do business. Other alternatives can mean that partners end up using agreements that are inappropriate or that don’t work well for the service being provided and so don’t deliver the value that a good agreement does.

In a nutshell, partners need legal agreements that provide easy, fast ways to move their legal processes along. The solution? Ready now legal agreements that have been created specifically for partners to use with their customers direct from the cloud - legal agreements-as-a-service.


Benefit of Legal Agreements as-a-Service


Ready To Go


In the modern workplace, your staff have immediate access to an array of as-a-service tools and resources which digitally transforms their work experience and the experience of your organisations’ customers in doing business with you.  

Legal agreements-as-a-Service are no different; you get that same fast easy access to the agreements you need, for reselling Microsoft cloud services and the services that you wrap around these offerings in meeting your customers’ needs.

Partners can of course still get their own local advice on an agreement if they wish to do so; but the benefit of using legal agreement-as-a-service is that it drastically reduces legal fees; the cost of the lawyer-time while they explain their services and the lawyer-time of having to draft the entire agreement from scratch.


Significant cost reduction due to as-a-service model


Partners need legal agreements to define their role as a CSP Partner when reselling Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services, to define their processes for providing related services and, importantly, to cut down on customer misunderstandings of your service that cost you time and money.

When joining a SaaS platform, you’re joining a community of users and that brings the price down significantly from the traditional software licensing approach. When you’re accessing a legal agreements-as-a-service solution, you’re joining a community of partners that have a need for agreements just like you and that brings the price down significantly from the traditional legal approach (and you are getting agreements that have been prepared specifically for partners like you).

The like-minded partners in this community are free to contribute to the ongoing updates and evolution of the service if they wish to or to simply receive updates with a resulting boost for all partners in the community to their modern workplace.


Always up to date


The world of legal agreements is just like any other service area; new issues crop up, and new ways of working start to evolve over time. This makes for an ever-changing landscape that continuously builds to reflect the way that partners are working and what is happening in the market. With all value SaaS solutions there are ongoing updates and for legal agreements-as-a-service, getting updates as part of the service makes it easy for partners to have agreements that stay relevant and beneficial. Gone are the days of agreements getting more and more out of date until they are no longer applicable. Updates are produced with partner input and from changes in the market including customer maturity, as well as from changes to upstream agreements.

The new Microsoft agreements are a great example of how partners can accelerate their business processes by leveraging the power of ITagree, a value SaaS solution. The ITagree Cloud Supply Agreement (Indirect CSP) is an important agreement for resellers to use with their customers and it has recently been updated to reflect the new Microsoft Partner Agreement and the new Microsoft Customer Agreement. Instead of spending time and money trying to figure out how to incorporate relevant parts of the new Microsoft agreements into their own agreements, ITagree has made this easy for partners who can immediately benefit from a trusted source, where all of the hard work has been done for them.  ITagree makes it really easy for partners to understand what needs to be relayed on to your customers and agreed by them, allowing you to carry on business as usual without any disruptions to your service or your relationship.

Legal Agreements as-a-Service from ITagree offer legal agreements relevant to your business as a Microsoft CSP Partner and the related services that you provide. Partners can easily modify the agreements to suit their business from the beginning, and can then readily enhance the experience for specific customers, services and projects.


Join the community of partners using ITagree, by checking out the range of options available on Cloud Marketplace, or visit the ITagree microsite to learn more about how legal agreements-as-a-Service can change the way you manage legal processes.