4 Steps to Remote Business Success

It’s an understatement to say we are merely working from home – we are working in the midst of a global crisis. So how can businesses thrive, not just survive, during this time?   STEP 1: SURVIVE THE TRANSITION At Cloud9 Insight, we’re well-equipped to .. Continue


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Zoe England

It’s an understatement to say we are merely working from home – we are working in the midst of a global crisis. So how can businesses thrive, not just survive, during this time?



At Cloud9 Insight, we’re well-equipped to adapt to 100% remote operations. Prior to lockdown, we moved to a hot-desking set-up and everyone had been upgraded to the latest Surface laptops. This change enabled our team to adapt to a fluid workplace. As all our technology is cloud-based, we were already in a position to deliver CRM projects remotely. Many of our clients have come to realise what a crucial role technology plays in the ability to be agile and maintain business continuity.

Uncertainty shrouds communications and strategy, so for companies to have a truer understanding of pipeline, cash flow and sales visibility is imperative. Remote workers need to be empowered at the point of contact with clients, to make the right offers and decisions. Investment decisions made now will impact the way business is run for years to come.

Carlene Jackson, CEO of Cloud9 Insight, says “At this time, agility more than ever is really important to ensure business continuity. I am really proud of my team and how they have adopted to our new environment of remote working – even conducting, with great success, client requirements-gathering workshops.”



As we adjust to this new way of living and working, the focus must start to shift towards productivity. Challenges in productivity can be identified and resolved using CRM by clients at all stages of their digital transformation.

The winners will be those companies that allow this crisis to serve as the impetus for positive business change and devote time to their digital development. As the trend to become an ‘omnichannel’ business accelerates, it is critical to stay ahead of the curve and to modernise.

All the services we offer at Cloud9 can be delivered remotely with ease, meaning little change in how we have traditionally worked with clients. It has been easy for us to ensure the quality of service is maintained whilst all aspects of the projects, from requirements to training, are being delivered remotely.



Though many things have changed, the importance of people and relationships in business will always stay the same. CRM offers the capability to deliver analysis and management of activities that will turn a network and relationships into future revenue. Putting in the time now to build relationships is crucial to long-term success, especially whilst working from home.

Lead generation should not be limited to those we can see face-to-face through networking. Dynamics 365 Marketing can support relevant and timely communications that are engaging with your existing clients and prospects. Encourage your clients to break free of the potential constraints of remote working by leveraging the capability of CRM technology, such as Dynamics 365.

“I was recently contacted by an emergency plumber to schedule his arrival to then be called back 5 minutes later, by a colleague who promised that the plumber would be in fact coming the next day,” says Cloud9 CEO Carlene Jackson, “When I pointed out my confusion that I had only just been promised one in a couple of hours they highlighted that they were working on different floors with no access to technology.” 

CRM allows a single view of a business to emerge, encouraging the team to adapt their approach accordingly to avoid cross-over generating a more coherent channel of communication. This ‘visibility’ of a remote workforce retains trust, and enables more effective insights into business performance, encouraging better decision-making and providing value to clients.



Internally, CRM grants an insight into staff productivity. Dynamics 365 can assess the number of calls or sales being made by each staff member and the follow-up planned. This incentivises smarter working by staff and draws attention to possible weaknesses and risks within the team.

The benefits of CRM come to fruition when a mature system has been installed over time. This is most beneficial for companies now, functioning on a skeleton staff and without easy access to a network phone system.

Clients or partners will have access to a secure self-service portal which reduces the need for human contact time, by introducing an element of automation. Curt Bean, Sales Director at Cloud9 observes “the system doesn’t know we are in quarantine” and as such can still perform essentials automatically, disregarding any external changes.


This crisis has served as a wake-up call for many companies who have been thrown in the deep end to survive. By ensuring an online infrastructure, you can maintain business performance and client satisfaction in a time of crisis at a time of chaos. For more information on how to get started with Dynamics 365, contact or visit

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