AppGuard protects your endpoints and prevents malware exploits without having to recognize them. Adaptively applied based on context, AppGuard policies restrict the types of actions necessary to complete a successful attack.

  • • Outsmarts malicious actors before execution
  • • Protects against known and unknown malware and zero-day threats
  • • Full endpoint security with zero-trust approach
  • • Increases ROI of existing security tech investment

MSSPs are able to provide better protection for customers with less effort and less stress, increasing margins on the sale of services. AppGuard lowers skill requirements and is designed for competent Windows admins to remove the need for security unicorns with extraordinary knowledge or skills.

Why Ingram Micro and AppGuard
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Ground breaking solutions to delight your customers Prevent all security breaches before they happen, without quarantining files or shutting down your programmes.
Block applications from performing suspicious processes without interrupting normal service.
Protect against the most sophisticated attacks including application hi-jacking, zero-day exploits, ransomware, and remote script executions.
Requires minimal tweaks, reduces cyber security costs, and eliminates alert fatigue.
Complement existing cyber security tools, filling anti-virus security gaps and enhancing the value of EDR tools by reducing alerts.

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AppGuard and Ingram – a powerful partnership to grow your business

Diversified cyber stack

Rise above the noise and elevate profits with a pre-emptive cybersecurity solution that complements existing services

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Allows rapid growth with double digit margins on deals and immediate time to value for customers

On-demand support

Access to full-service partner programme with resources, training, and certifications

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Why AppGuard ?

AppGuard acts as the last line of defence in the security stack. It protects organisations from cyberattacks by disrupting malware before it causes harm even when applications have been exploited, ensuring that businesses are able to do what they need to do without risk or unnecessary cost.

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Why AppGuard for MSSPs?

AppGuard helps MSSPs become more efficient and provide better security to their customers. It eliminates alert fatigue and frees up the most valuable personnel for more critical investigations

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Prevent Zero-Day Attacks with The Right Defense

Zero-day attacks are difficult but not impossible to defend against. This paper outlines the zero-day attack threat and why traditional endpoint protection tools are ineffective at protecting against these attacks.

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Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

The SolarWinds supply chain attack serves as a strong reminder that every chain has a weak link. This paper outlines how these attacks unfold and the steps you can take to prevent becoming the next victim.

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