Maintaining a competitive advantage in an overcrowded and challenging modern business environment can aggressively stretch an organisations time and resources. Yet there is still pressure on them to embrace new technologies and find innovative ways of working. But without the right tools and guidance, how are they expected to hit their diverse requirements?

Businesses need a technology partner with the competence and expertise to bring their organisation up to speed on what the cloud can do. Building a foundation of on-going comprehensive support for their cloud solution will ensure that your customers can get the best out of the cloud.

The impact of cloud technology

With the changing business landscape, moving into the cloud offers new challenges and opportunities. Cloud-based solutions provide a comprehensive, unified service that promises to have a positive impact on the way the business operates. Given the fiercely competitive world we are working in this is a huge benefit to all organisations.
With a diverse range of business requirements and rapidly fluctuating needs, cloud technology is the perfect, scalable solution to handle infrastructure responsibility.

The Impact of the Cloud on Retail Finance in the Cloud Manufacturing with the cloud Cyber Security as the foundation for cloud innovation
Cloud providers can help

  • Secure data
  • Keep data private
  • Control who has access
  • Promote practice transparency for:
    • – security
    • – privacy
    • – compliance

Business cloud adoption

With so many options available to businesses, it can be difficult to figure out which offering fits an organisation’s needs. They need cloud experts to be able to cut through the complexities and make sense of the market. Overcoming multiple barriers for adoption, including security concerns, pricing and a general lack of knowledge of the cloud’s capabilities is key to getting organisations to embrace the adoption of cloud.

Ingram Micro Cloud have created the Ingram Micro Cloud Ecosystem, offering an easy access and intuitive platform that will allow you to find all you need to know about the cloud in one place.


Simplifying the cloud offering and making it as easy as possible for businesses to understand is important.  We want to ensure that you have the right tools to guide them to the best solution. The ecosystem we have created makes it easy for cloud providers, such as yourselves, to sell your solution and services.