Retail is one of the industries most impacted by digital business transformation. Technology is changing the way we shop, and the introduction of e-commerce has increased the expectations of digital shoppers as well as their appetite for personalised experiences.

Market Overview

The physical store is still vital to retail. Although it may change, stores are not going away. Brick-and-mortar shops must offer customers a rewarding experience, one that’s different and better than making purchases online. To help improve the in-store experience, retailers can use technology to digitize the shopping journey, as with Amazon Go. Bridging the digital and physical shopping experiences helps retailers respond to growing consumer expectations.


Business Challenges

Retailers face an endless number of challenges: competition, the need for differentiation, increasing demands of customers, security, regulation and compliance, and building and protecting their brand. Many of these challenges can be addressed by cloud technology solutions.
Partner Challenges

Payment processing and security

Security challenges include the protection of the physical and digital store, inventory, the network and data, and the brand and business reputation. In addition, retailers must be able to safely and securely accept and process a multitude of payment types.

Aging infrastructure

Many retailers continue to rely on legacy systems, even as they plan for a refresh or replacement of outdated technology. This is particularly problematic as mobile customers place increased demands on the network.

Data analytics

Capturing, analysing and leveraging data for improved decision-making is as important to the retail industry as it is to every other industry, especially in its ability to satisfy the marketing team’s need to differentiate the brand and increase customer loyalty.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Ingram Micro Cloud has invested heavily in resources and solution development to enable our partners to support the demands of the retail market and capitalise on the substantial opportunity that it represents.

Drive increased business outcomes

Drive increased business outcomes

  • Empower retailers with secure, compliant point-of-sale and payment solutions available in the cloud

  • Help retailers use cloud data analysis tools to understand their customers, predict behavior, and tailor marketing campaigns that drive sales

  • Boost physical and virtual security with access control, network surveillance, anti-malware, and firewall solutions available through the cloud

Drive increased business outcomes

Optimise operations and lower operating expense

  • Lower operating costs, scale seamlessly, and lower the IT burden by moving software and infrastructure tasks to the cloud

  • Deliver high-availability cloud services for a predictable monthly fee

  • Provide infrastructure scalability at times of peak demand, so stores don’t have to purchase additional equipment

Leverage a team of retail specialists and associated solutions

Leverage a team of retail specialists and associated solutions

  • Grow your footprint in the retail industry with the help of dedicated experts

  • Shop from the virtual retail ecosystem and discover the end-to-end solutions available through Ingram Micro and manufacturer partners

  • Profit by offering solutions to meet new standards for collaboration, compliance, mobility, integration, analytics and security