In a short period of time, Software as a Service (SaaS) has gone from novelty to mainstream, and is expected to grow 17% CAGR to $160 billion globally by 2021. Vendors are shifting from on-premise, licensed software to cloud-based offerings, and businesses are responding by continuing to shift more of their critical business applications to the cloud.

Defining SaaS

SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device through an internet connection and web browser. In this model, software vendors host and maintain the servers, databases, and code that constitute an application, and customers are billed on a pay-for-use or subscription basis.

Under the SaaS delivery model, users no longer need to install and run applications on individual computers or in their data centers, reducing fees for both hardware and software maintenance.


Benefits of SaaS

The advantages of SaaS are abundant, both for the businesses that consume it and for service providers (SPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and independent software vendors (ISVs) that build, sell, and provision the solutions. With the largest cloud ISV ecosystem in the industry Ingram Micro Cloud helps partners roll out new services rapidly to maximise profit and keep customers loyal and happy.

Sell and provision in minutes

Quick and easy entry into the marketplace

  • Start reselling category-leading products immediately without the expense of entry fees or any other costs

  • Eliminate time to for installation and configuration to deploy services faster and start reaping the benefits of SaaS more quickly

  • Offer a free trial for an easy proof of concept and discovery phase to prove the advantages of SaaS

Increase customer lifetime value

Access to more revenue opportunities

  • Increase the lifetime value of customers who can better sustain SaaS affordable payments made in regular cycles

  • Generate recurring revenue from customer subscriptions, solution upgrades and additional purchases

  • Resell to small and medium businesses that would otherwise not use the offered software due to the high cost of license fees

Intuitive customer interface and tools

Easy customization and customer management

  • Seamlessly integrate apps with our 200+ SaaS services or integrate your own SaaS service into our commerce platform

  • Manage customers, end-users, and end-user subscriptions with real-time use and customer management

  • Easily scale solutions according to an organisation’s needs, so end-users pay only for what they use