Now you can streamline billing reconciliation and transactions across Ingram Micro, including hardware, software and cloud solutions with a single, automated solution.

CloudBlue Rev for Ingram Micro enables VARs, MSPs, system integrators and consultants to automate quotation, provisioning, invoicing and reconciliation and transact with Ingram Micro—all in one place. With CloudBlue Rev, you can:

  • Select your billing preferences and manage any recurring contract, whether for your offerings or Ingram Micro solutions.

  • Gain direct catalog, pricing and availability access across Ingram Micro’s e-commerce website and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

  • Manage your quotes and orders, calculate amounts due and bill your customers, and provision and manage services.

  • Discover more benefits and learn more information about CloudBlue Rev by downloading our CloudBlue Rev Data Sheet.

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Consolidate purchasing and provisioning all in one place

• Quote, order, provision and bill hardware, software and cloud solutions with a single source, driving change orders from CloudBlue Rev to Ingram Micro systems.

• Track order and provisioning status via APIs and access all cloud subscription administration panels directly from the customer record.

Accelerate delivery of complex customer quotes

• Simplify quoting for any sales model—transactional, recurring or consumption-based—or even a combination of all three.

• Manage your quotes and orders, calculate amounts due and bill your customers, and provision and manage services.

Streamline month-end reconciliation workflows

• Minimize the time required to deliver month-end invoices and eliminate the tedious process of month-end licensing reconciliation.

• Select from your choice of advanced billing models, including in-advance recurring billing or in-arrears PAYG metered billing.

Simplify invoicing and contracts with flexible options

• Easily manage recurring contracts for services and solutions both for your offerings or any vendor of your choice.

• Gain access to an intelligent billing gateway with Ingram Micro and receive one consolidated invoice for purchases.

See the “total value” subscription invoice reconciliation process:

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