Global spend for managed services is expected to grow by nearly 11% through 2021, fueled by the accelerated adoption of cloud services. While the growth promises new opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), competition in the managed services industry is increasing and intensifying, and there are fewer opportunities to acquire new customers.

Common Partner Challenges

What are the challenges that today’s MSPs face, what opportunities lie in those challenges, and how can MSPs best capitalise on the opportunities?

Difficulty in launching new services due to rapidly changing technology

Even MSPs, who are immersed in technology, struggle to incorporate additional cloud service offerings to their existing services. Evaluating vendors, negotiating contracts, and provisioning and billing tasks consume precious limited resources.

Fewer new opportunities and standing out from the competition

With fewer opportunities to gain new customers, MSPs must focus on monetising existing customers. In addition, MSPs face increasing competition from other service providers offering the same set of services.

Lack of marketing skills and constant struggle training sales

MSPs frequently cite challenges marketing their organisation and their services. In addition, finding and training (or retraining) personnel to sell additional, unfamiliar products can be difficult and time-consuming.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Expand offerings and increase the business value

Expand offerings and increase the business value

  • Find the right distribution partner to successfully grow and expand their businesses further into the cloud and become the single source for their customers’ technology needs

  • Bundle their own managed services with complementary cloud services

  • Deepen customer relationships to offer end-to-end support services with a goal of becoming the trusted business advisor

Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

  • The Ingram Micro Cloud platform enables MSPs to sell their cloud software bundled with their managed or professional services as well as complementary solutions from a vast portfolio

  • With streamlined, automated billing and invoicing, MSPs can scale profitably without increasing overhead

  • Access to proven cloud marketing and sales tactics keeps them stepping firmly on the path towards digital transformation

Specialize, create clear messaging, and find the right partner

Specialize, create clear messaging, and find the right partner

  • Focus on specific areas of strength whether vertically or horizontally
  • Create clear messaging about the services they provide and whatever it is that they are great at
  • Partner with other MSPs that provide the services that they don’t offer
  • Differentiate their offering from the competition, and find greater success in a targeted marketplace
Jim Gery

"Ingram Micro Cloud's technology platform was the clear leader in both depth and breadth from the many platforms we reviewed. That fact, coupled with their deep industry expertise and ability to help guide us into the cloud services market, made it the clear choice for this critical partnership. We were able to launch quickly and leverage all of their out-of-the-box features yet still easily customize and configure elements unique to CDWs specific requirements."

Jim Gery, Vice President of Technology Solutions Delivery & Planning, CDW