The Go-to-Market Hub: The Fuel to Activate Your Cloud Success

Staying on top of cloud products can take a lot of time. Building digital marketing campaigns can also take a lot of time… and money. Resellers, we understand your pain. The good news is doing these things well can set successful resellers apart from the rest and .. Continue

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Anahelen Raymundo

Staying on top of cloud products can take a lot of time. Building digital marketing campaigns can also take a lot of time… and money. Resellers, we understand your pain.

The good news is doing these things well can set successful resellers apart from the rest and we’re here to help you do just that.

Ingram Micro Cloud has launched the Go-to-Market Hub within Cloud Marketplace to give resellers a single destination packed with product information, sales tools and digital marketing capabilities to help you grow your business and cloud expertise.

Gone are the days of scouring through various vendor websites for product information. Say goodbye to pricey—or nonexistent—marketing. We’ve got everything you need to become a cloud sales machine.

Streamline your sales enablement

Gathering the latest product information can mean combing through vendor websites, industry publications and colleague resources—and the information isn’t always current or consistent.

With the Hub, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

We’ve built a single repository for sales enablement resources. It’s your place to go for accessible, consistent and up-to-date product information.

Each product on the Cloud Marketplace has its own playbook on the Hub, with comprehensive sales guides, customizable sales sheets and ready-to-use product logos and screenshots. Sales guides include product features and benefits, target market, competitors and more.

Check out the Go-to-Market Hub in Cloud Marketplace today and reap all the benefits that come with being a digital marketing expert.


Sales and Marketing Hub Playbook


You’ll also find videos and interactive demos with basic lessons on product features to help train your sales teams or send to customers.

By using the Hub’s product discovery tools, you can expand your portfolio and adapt to market demands and changes. This will position you to help your customers plan, enabling you to develop lasting relationships with them.

With these playbooks and discovery tools, resellers can streamline the sales enablement process, which means closing more sales faster.

No digital marketing resources? No problem

Some would argue marketing is the most important part of your strategy. But we know many resellers don’t have the time, money or know-how to build an effective marketing campaign. If that describes you, relax. The Hub has you covered there, too. It houses the content, templates and tools you need to easily build integrated digital marketing campaigns for your cloud products.

You’ll find customizable email templates to create and deliver email campaigns, landing page templates and forms to capture leads, and banner ads to drive leads to your website. You can also syndicate social media and find vendor logos and screenshots to use on your website and other marketing materials. The Hub’s interface is simple, and the email campaigns are automated. You don’t need any marketing expertise for these easy-to-use templates and tools.


Sales and Marketing Email Campaign


By taking advantage of the Hub’s marketing resources, you can improve your brand’s visibility, attract new customers and keep the ones you have. These campaigns will help increase awareness of your cloud products with consistent messaging that always stays up to date. As more products are added to Cloud Marketplace, the marketing content will get refreshed and updated as well.

And after you’ve executed your marketing campaigns, you can access reports to see if they were effective enough to repeat the process with other products or make adjustments to the next campaign. So, if you don’t have the time or money to properly market your products, let the Go-to-Market Hub handle it for you.

Master the cloud with insights and tools

The Hub isn’t only about helping partners sell and market products. It’s also about stepping up your game as a cloud partner with new insights and tools.

Whether you’re starting out or consider yourself a cloud veteran, the Hub’s insights and tools provide a range of educational content and resources to develop your cloud expertise and sales strategy, helping you become a more successful reseller.

Learn from the cloud experts with fresh content that keeps you up to date on the cloud industry. From business development insights to valuable market information, these resources will elevate your business strategy and push you toward Cloud Awesomeness.

The library of blogs, articles and research reports feature the latest Ingram Micro Cloud, vendor, and product news and insights. White papers, infographics and presentations will examine cloud business growth strategies, best practices, case studies and the latest trends in cloud technology. Industry events and webinars will showcase exciting new innovations from Ingram Micro Cloud, vendor partners and the general cloud industry.

By learning how to improve your solutions’ value proposition, incorporating best practices and becoming a go-to expert for your customers, you can establish a more profitable and successful business. With the Hub’s wide range of insights and tools, you can easily become a cloud expert to better serve your customers and your business.

What are you waiting for? Log in to Cloud Marketplace and activate now.