Integrate your favorite PSA tools and systems with Cloud Marketplace today!

Effortless Platform Integrations are here to help you easily automate data exchange between Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and your local systems. Integrations come in different shapes and forms—ranging from intuitive, ready-to-use native integrations to flexible, do-it-yourself integrations—using our API kit.

See how this will help your business

Boost your efficiency

and save at least 8-10 hours every month as you eliminate repeatable processes between your tools & Cloud Marketplace.

Create a seamless experience

across your local business applications and Cloud Marketplace.

Build DIY integrations

and automate processes between your local tools and Cloud Marketplace.

Easily integrate your favorite PSA

tools with the Cloud Marketplace through simple steps

Easily exchange information

such as customers or subscriptions information between your marketing or CRM tools with Cloud Marketplace

Different types of integrations we offer

Out-of-the-Box Native Integrations

Integrate your local PSA tool with Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

ConnectWise PSA Integration Logo

ConnectWise Integration helps you streamline your service delivery. It works by connecting your subscriptions from Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace with ConnectWise, so you can benefit from more simplification, more standardization and more automation at every step of the distribution process

AutoTask PSA Integration Logo

The new Autotask native integration will help you streamline swivel-chair processes and save around 120 hours every year from eliminating manual operations. Prepare for a far more seamless experience across the Cloud Marketplace directly from your Autotask PSA

Low-Code No-Code Integrations

Integrate with 2,000+ business applications using the least amount of effort required through Zapier.

Marketing Automation Tools Icon

Marketing Automation Tools

CRM and Customer Management Tools Icon

CRM and Customer Management Tools

Business Intelligence Tools Icon

Business Intelligence Tools

Support, ticketing and ITSM Tools Icon

Support, ticketing and ITSM Tools

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Integrations

Automate repeatable, day-to-day processes on Cloud Marketplace through flexible Marketplace APIs.

New, change and cancellation orders Icon

New, change and cancellation orders

Subscription provisioning and deprovisioning Icon

Subscription provisioning and deprovisioning

Consumption and usage reporting Icon

Consumption and usage reporting

Billing and invoicing processes Icon

Billing and invoicing processes

See how we are different

Explore all the ways you’ll benefit

A dedicated integrations team

Integration experts available around the clock to help and advise

A la carte integrations

Integrations in different flavors to match your needs and expertise

Free of cost*

API documentation publicly available with no per-API-call charge

* Does not include licensing fee for any third-party integration management, process automation or development tools

A platform success consulting team

Platform experts advise on the platform that suits your business outside of integrations



Simplify and eliminate many of the manual, repeatable processes your team executes jointly between your local tools and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace by using our Platform Integration capabilities.