Cloud levels the playing field for mid-sized businesses, equipping them with the same technologies as their enterprise counterparts. Medium businesses have always had agility to move more quickly than large enterprises, and with the cloud offering them the full functionality of practically every enterprise-grade application as well, this is a market segment prepared to compete.

Market Overview

Thanks to the maturity of cloud computing technology, the cloud now offers practical, real-world solutions to businesses of all sizes. The cloud accelerates a medium-sized business’ agility, scalability, and responsiveness. It has revolutionized the economics of the way many mid-sized companies conduct business.

Medium Business

Business Challenges

Partner Challenges

Integration issues and scalability with growth

Growing, medium-sized businesses struggle to integrate new products and services with existing systems, and they need the ability to quickly scale to meet new demands and opportunities.

Keeping systems up-and-running and secure

Up-time is of critical importance to midsized companies, and many have difficulty maintaining the robust infrastructure necessary to support their growing operations.

Backup and disaster recovery

Like their larger and smaller counterparts, data security and business continuity poise continuing challenges for midsized companies.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Ingram Micro Cloud opens an infinite cloud ecosystem to its partners, delivering the cloud services, go-to-market strategies, and support to enable them to power the digital transformation of both their clients’ companies and their own.

Help customers protect data and recover quickly

Deliver services using robust and comprehensive automation

  • Automate end-to-end cloud, IaaS, IoT, and XaaS services delivery management

  • Streamline service orchestration and subscription management, hosting and multi-cloud management

  • Efficiently manage the billing and invoicing of services from a single portal

Help customers protect data and recover quickly

Offer a broad set of infrastructure and security services

  • Offer clients a broad set of infrastructure services, such as scalable computing power, storage options, networking and databases, delivered as a utility

  • Promote on-demand services, available in seconds, with pay-as-you-go pricing, and the world’s best security

  • Accelerate customers’ digital transformation with access to hundreds of leading cloud services

Help customers protect data and recover quickly

Help customers protect data and recover quickly

  • Grow the business by delivering comprehensive backup solutions — often business’ first step into cloud computing

  • Ensure business continuity by providing robust disaster recovery solutions

  • Quickly provision the world’s leading cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, with confidence, speed, and ease