Cloud computing is transforming businesses by delivering hosted services that provide tremendous cost benefits, free vital resources, and promote ongoing innovation. While the private sector continues to embrace cloud computing benefits, government agencies have not been standing idle. In fact, government has begun aggressively moving to the cloud for many of the same reasons as private corporations.

Market Overview

Digital transformation is the top-ranked business priority among government CIOs. To fuel that transformation, government is looking to the cloud. Delivering services efficiently and achieving cost savings are the top two drivers of cloud adoption in government.


Business Challenges

As government agencies pursue digital transformation, they face unique challenges.
Partner Challenges

Security and compliance

Data security is of major concern to government agencies as they are bound to protect citizens’ critical data and services. Increasingly, government’s trust in the security capabilities available within the cloud to protect, encrypt, isolate, and authenticate its sensitive data is growing.

Outdated technology

Government agencies face the challenges of outdated legacy hardware, data center overload, and inadequate infrastructure. Cloud computing, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS can enable government entities to embrace new technologies without the costs and demands of updating and replacing existing hardware and legacy software.

Insufficient resources

A retirement wave and the fact that personnel budgets are even more restricted combine to make it much more difficult to attract highly skilled IT talent in the volume necessary. Partnering with a cloud service removes the pressure to hire and retain in-house talent and is cost-effective and budget friendly.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are in the position to support government IT departments as they make their tech initiatives more open, responsive, up-to-date, and secure. With solutions from Ingram Micro Cloud, VARs and MSPs can be the catalysts for making these initiatives a reality.

Partner Challenges

Protect from cyber threats

  • Support mission-critical operations with access to the world’s leading government-grade security services

  • Build company profits while providing vital backup and data encryption solutions

  • Grow into a highly trusted security advisor your government customers can count on for all their cloud technology needs

Partner Challenges

Transition easily to the cloud

  • Quickly provision hundreds of cloud services designed to meet the demands of government customers

  • Accelerate customers’ transformation through rapid provisioning, no updates, and fewer IT resources

  • Provide the technical know-how and migration support to streamline a government move to the cloud

Partner Challenges

Eliminate capital expenditure with SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

  • Transform IT projects from inflexible capital expenses into flexible and affordable operating expenses

  • Reduce the cost of IT ownership by consolidating server footprints through cloud and virtualization

  • Increase operational efficiencies with IT consolidation, reducing hardware costs and energy consumption