The benefits of cloud computing can be even more significant for smaller companies than larger companies. The cloud offers easy access to all the benefits of technology without having to worry about the usual problems, such as deploying, building, investing, maintaining and operating the infrastructures involved, putting small businesses on more equal footing with their larger counterparts.

Market Overview

Cloud computing removes the barriers small businesses have as they try to take advantage of new technologies. With low entry costs, automatic updates, budgetable expenses, minimal IT burden, and scalable functionality, cloud helps level the playing field for small businesses. What this means for small businesses and start-ups is that they can focus on what technology can do for them, rather than focus on how to purchase technology.

Small Business

Business Challenges

To capture their share of the cloud spending, cloud service providers must be positioned to understand and help to solve the technology challenges small businesses face.
Partner Challenges

High cost of technology, cost to scale, and cost to stay current

Small businesses need more than a few services to run their businesses effectively. Often, they lack the capital and resources that often limits their ability to access quality technology that can increase efficiency across departments.

Lack of IT skill set and human resource constraints

The rapid expansion of cloud has created a skills gap. To support this growing demand, small businesses need to hire skilled cloud professionals and/or train their existing employees in order to keep pace.

Highly susceptible to cyber threats

Without the needed security in place, clients are opening up their businesses to an array of devastating vulnerabilities that even a new or inexperienced hacker can readily take advantage of.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Now that end-customers are moving to the cloud, they will need help with the development of a cloud strategy, execution of their strategy, and management of their total environment once they are in the cloud. When selling to small businesses, service providers can partner with Ingram Micro Cloud to attain services and ultimately provide the solution offerings tailored to their end-customer’s needs.

Protect from cyber threats

Eliminate capital expenditure with SaaS

  • Deliver easy access to an extensive and growing SaaS library offering affordable, scalable solutions updated automatically

  • Provide pay-as-you-go infrastructure and software solutions that save on IT and equipment costs

  • Convert capital expenses into operational expenses with cloud services

Protect from cyber threats

Streamline contract, provision and management

  • Quickly provision hundreds of cloud services for customers

  • Efficiently manage the billing and invoicing of services from a single portal

  • Leverage Ingram Micro’s sales and technical expertise to provide support for your clients

Protect from cyber threats

Protect from cyber threats

  • Become more profitable while becoming a highly trusted security advisor through our systematic approach to providing cybersecurity services

  • Promote security solutions designed for small business

  • Quickly provision the world’s leading cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, with confidence, speed, and ease