The telecommunications industry continues to face rising challenges and ongoing disruption, with modernising and digitising technologies ranking high on the list. To meet these challenges and deliver the products and services that customers want, many telcos are exploring new opportunities in a rapidly widening digital ecosystem.

Common Partner Challenges

What are the challenges that today’s Telcos and ISPs face, what opportunities lie in those challenges, and how can Telcos and ISPs best capitalise on the opportunities?
Partner Challenges

Ability to scale and meet the growing demands of customers

ISPs today are facing new challenges as record number of cloud services are being consumed each year. Many ISPs are using old legacy systems that can’t meet the demands, provide accurate usage and billing, and are just not made to sell cloud services via a subscription model.

Differentiating from competition and adopting new services

The landscape is changing. Many ISPs struggle with their identity and their customer value prop, not to mention, differentiating themselves from the masses. There seems to be big risks in order to be different and specialise, but does that need to be the case?

Lack of go-to-market plan and internal company disconnect

There’s a desire to start selling cloud services with their traditional services, but many companies lack the operational resources. One can have the best cloud platform, but if there is a poor go-to-market strategy or not one at all, this will surely sink a cloud business before it even starts.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Years of proven success with innovating technology to power your digital transformation.

Leverage scalable and future-proof technology

Leverage scalable and future-proof technology

  • Partner with the industry’s first connect cloud that can be consumed by any business type Platform as a Service your way

  • If you are just starting or have a multi-national cloud program, Ingram Micro Cloud can deliver a solution to best fit your needs

  • Deliver end-to-end automation including provisioning, billing, channel and subscription management, fully hosted and managed by us or on premise

Access to an infinite marketing and ecosystem

Access to an infinite marketing and ecosystem

  • Maximize business growth by immediately tapping into the industry’s largest ecosystem that connects buyers, sellers and innovators

  • Access more than 200 cloud services such as Anything as a Service (XaaS) through our APS technology, including SaaS, IaaS, HwaaS, Your Core Services and IoT

  • Negotiate directly with vendors or leverage our contracts

Gain go-to-market expertise and support services

Gain go-to-market expertise and support services

  • Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with comprehensive programs tailored to kick-start all aspects of your sales and support success

  • Receive proven success GTM programs, including enablement and channel optimization, assisted sales to drive success, 24/7 technical support and premium customer support

  • Simplify operations with optional managed services

Juan Manuel Moreno

“We have been very impressed by the commitment shown by Ingram Micro Cloud in making their platform offering relevant and effective for telecoms operators. Their willingness to adapt their solutions to our requirements, however complex, delivers real value for us.”

Juan Manuel Moreno, Global Cloud Director, Telefonica