Legal services are transactional by nature, so IT availability is vital. This requires IT teams to protect their organisations against unexpected threats like power outages, ransomware, and other malicious attacks, while still promoting collaboration, document control, and practice management.

More law firms are transitioning workloads from on-premise infrastructure to cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, to address these challenges.

Market Overview

Law firms are moving to the cloud more quickly than ever, citing benefits including convenience, affordability, and increased productivity. The American Bar Association (ABA) credits convenient access as one of the best-selling points of cloud computing, followed by 24/7 access and affordability. Client expectations for collaborative services, combined with efficiency, accessibility, and lower total cost are also factors in driving law firm migration to cloud-based services.


Business Challenges

Despite the recognised benefits inherent in the cloud, there are unique challenges the legal industry faces that can cause resistance in migrating to the cloud.
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Security, security and more security

Law firms handle highly sensitive, personal, and private client, matter, and case data. Keeping this valuable data secure from cyber attacks, user error, or natural disaster is a top priority, and we address the continuing concerns with security of data in the cloud.

24/7 connectivity, availability and reliability ensuring business process continuity (BPC)

Critical applications must be available whenever and wherever they’re needed. A BPC’s goal is to continuously monitor business infrastructure and carry out preventive activities to eliminate potential downtime and minimize their impact on business if they do occur. Any cloud services adopted by the firm must fit squarely into this plan.

Confidentiality and compliance with data privacy regulations

Confidentiality is critical in the legal industry, and state privacy and data breach notification rules apply to law firms. Perhaps more important than the statutes is the potential for increased liability involved in a violation. Law firms require confidentiality guarantees from the business solutions they choose and the vendors they purchase and provision them through.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Law firms need to ensure compliance, collaborate within and outside their organisation, and securely protect their clients' confidentiality to succeed in today’s complex environment. Ingram Micro Cloud offers access to cloud services specifically tailored to the legal sector.

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Address the day-to-day operational tasks

  • Provide easy access to cloud services that solve the day-to-day operational tasks in any law firm

  • Lower upfront costs, easy mobile access, and simple setup promote efficiency across the firm

  • Built-in backup and security services ensure the safety of sensitive client data

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Protect reputation by ensuring security

  • Protect daily operations with reliable, high-availability cloud services

  • Gain access to the world’s leading cloud security services, data encryption technology, and virus protection

  • Improve overall security and data control while facilitating efficient document management and collaboration with modern cloud service offerings

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Increase productivity and profits

  • Capitalise on an array of cloud solutions designed for the legal industry

  • Lower operating costs and improve budgeting with predictable monthly expenditures

  • Extend IT resources and ease growing pains with robust, scalable SaaS and IaaS service offerings