The cloud services market continues to grow ahead of all projections, but Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face challenges reaching that growing market. The fast-paced digital transformation of the cloud requires ISVs to find new ways to quickly and easily promote, sell, and deploy cloud solutions.

Common Partner Challenges

What are the challenges that today’s ISVs face, what opportunities lie in those challenges, and how can ISVs best capitalise on the opportunities?
Partner Challenges

Limited direct and marketing resources to enable sales channels

Focusing on innovation leaves less time for ISVs and SIs to promote solutions and build the right distribution channels necessary to generate revenue and gain market share.

Changing revenue model with difficulty managing billing details

As the industry moves from perpetual license to subscription model, revenue streams may go through a radical change. Keeping up with monthly billing and invoicing consumes limited resources.

Delivering routine support to users cuts into product innovation

Diverting limited resources away from development to provide basic support services challenges ISVs' ability to continue to innovate and bring to market new products and services.

Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Overcome the challenges by partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud. By choosing the right distribution partner, ISVs can successfully lead their business into the cloud and reach new markets.

As the largest technology distributor in the world, Ingram Micro connects industry leading Cloud vendors and ISVs with global and local markets to generate demand for new solutions, deliver automated cloud services, and manage and support users on ISVs behalf.

Gain worldwide exposure with a market proven platform

Gain worldwide exposure with a market proven platform

  • Position and promote products and services through our global campaign initiatives and the world’s largest IT distribution network

  • Join our infinite marketplace and start reaching 45,000+ VARs and MSPs immediately

  • Begin selling confidently using strategic sales tools, marketing content, customer insights, and go-to-market services to build business and grow into new markets

Focus on innovation and leave the operational details to Ingram Micro Cloud

Focus on innovation and leave the operational details to Ingram Micro Cloud

  • Select world-class products ranging from simple to fully customisable, with automated orders, billing, payments, configuration, provisioning, management, and more

  • Leverage a dedicated onboarding team to get selling rapidly and effectively with proven partner go-to-market strategies

  • Let our experienced professionals support the technical and business needs of customers and end-users

Leverage APS technology to increase scale and market reach

Leverage APS technology to increase scale and market reach

  • Enable rapid development of new applications to test new customer segments and market readiness prior to full investments

  • Publish new applications faster through guided workflows and processes

  • Get access to self-service tools with simplified steps that allow for easy integration using the APS standard

Tim Hannibal

“Our partnership with Ingram Micro is one of our first and longest running relationships. What we have accomplished with them increases our team’s ability to service our customers and increased the solutions we offer.”

Tim Hannibal, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services, Live Vault