Cybersecurity built for small businesses -

no expertise required

How CyberSmart Works
Most cybersecurity tools are built for enterprises with big budgets and in-house expertise. So for SMEs without these resources, getting cyber secure can feel expensive, confusing and out-of-reach.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The CyberSmart platform guides you through a journey to being cyber secure – with no need for expertise or expensive software. CyberSmart assesses how you’re currently doing and guides you all the way through to achieving security your customers can trust.
With CyberSmart you’ll be able to:
Protect your business 24/7 with continuous monitoring of all company devices.
Ensure your people are working safely with cyber-awareness training modules, shareable security policies, and device monitoring.
Prove to customers and suppliers you’re cyber secure by completing government-standard cybersecurity certifications’
Show your customers you care

CyberSmart makes it easy for you to demonstrate your commitment to cyber hygiene through supporting customers in getting certified in Cyber Essentials, the UK government’s cyber security scheme.

Want to learn more about Cyber
Security certifications in the UK?

Just 11% of UK businesses are aware of the need for Cyber Essentials certification. So why not steal a march on your competitors and get started today? We’ll help you understand which certification is right for your business and take you all the way to completion.

Help your customers get GDPR ready

Getting GDPR ready has a reputation for being complex, costly and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. At CyberSmart, we can help your customers develop a lasting data-protection strategy in a matter of hours.

What does cyber safety look like in a new era of work?

Built for SMEs with limited cyber expertise, CyberSmart offers you a simple, step-by-step journey to securing your business. In this e-book we show you how to protect your business from the threats posed by the future of remote work

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