Data protection
with a new-age

data backup solution

Enforce safe and reliable data backup and restore processes while utilizing existing end-user storage allocations such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Cost-sensitive data management for enterprises with a focus on Data Privacy

Parablu ensures the Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security of digital assets no matter where they reside – whether in a public, private, or a hybrid cloud. Apart from the concept of a Secure Storage Container that only the customer controls and a Privacy Gateway that enforces industrial-strength encryption with strict segregation of duties, Parablu’s unique integration with end-user storage subscriptions like MS OneDrive for Business and Google Drive helps lower the total cost of ownership of current storage solutions.

Parablu is a Microsoft ISV who is IP Co-Sell Ready and works closely with Microsoft’s ISV and GTM teams.

Why Partner with Parablu?

Unique integration with Office 365 and One Drive for Business

Parablu’s endpoint backup solution can help enterprises make the most of their subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365 by utilizing OneDrive for Business storage as a safe and reliable endpoint data backup repository. This ability is unmatched in the industry and has helped Parablu displace several incumbent backup solutions.

Flexible and scalable offerings

Parablu supports several cloud targets like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Google Drive, Amazon S3, IBM SoftLayer, etc., or can even use local disk storage on-premises.

Proprietary privacy enhancement technology

Parablu’s backup and recovery capabilities are strengthened by BluKrypt™, a proprietary privacy enhancement technology and Private Storage Container that enforces strong encryption with strict enforcement of segregation of duties. It helps enterprises comply with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, & GDPR, while also helping to create a solid defense against ransomware.

Cost-sensitive backups

Parablu also offers a host of storage and bandwidth-sensitive backup features. These features range from efficient data deduplication and software compression to network/CPU throttling which enables enterprises to reduce and control storage and bandwidth usage during backups.


BluVault for Endpoint Backup

A secure data management solution to make secure, redundant copies of data from endpoint devices to enable easy recovery in the event of a disaster.

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BluVault for SaaS Backup

A secure backup for SaaS assets accomplished directly from the SaaS tenant to Parablu’s secure container. A direct cloud-cloud transfer without any on-prem infrastructure investment or network bandwidth impact.

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BluSync - Secure File Transfer and Sharing

A solution that allows enterprise users to share and transfer content securely with collaborators both inside and outside the organization.

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No Additional Cloud Storage Needed

Leverage storage subscriptions like OneDrive, Google Drive, or your choice of online cloud storage and spend as little as “zero” on backup storage costs.

Network Bandwidth Sensitive Backup

High-performance compression of data combined with de-duplication optimizes storage as well as network bandwidth.

Scalability for Cost Optimization

Architected from the ground up for scalability and storage cost optimization with support for enterprises of different sizes and geographical spread.

Easy Data Backup and Restore

Business-critical data backup and restore available at the click of a button, reducing cost, risk, complexity, and dependencies on IT Teams.

Compliance with Data Security

Enable encryption with separation of duties to have complete control over the privacy of your data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Defense against Ransomware

A secure data archive ensures safe and reliable backup or recovery to protect your business against ransomware attacks.

Target Groups


Financial Institutions



Pharma and Healthcare


Real Estate

Media and

BluVault for Endpoint Backup

BluVault ensures safe backup to cloud storage environments by securing data both while in transit and at rest through robust encryption and clear segregation of duties.

No Additional Storage Needed

Leverage your existing storage subscriptions like OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, or your choice of online cloud storage to achieve zero backup storage cost.

Anywhere, Anytime Backup and Restore

BluVault enables enterprise users to securely back up their data into the cloud no matter where they are working from while allowing them to easily restore the data themselves whenever required.

Secure Storage container

BluVault leverages BluKrypt™, Parablu’s secure container, making BluVault unmatched in terms of security, privacy, and control no matter how it is deployed – whether in the public cloud or a hybrid model.

Any Cloud

BluVault is storage and cloud-agnostic. It works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer, etc. It works with On-premise disk arrays as well.

for SaaS Backup

SaaS backup solution that enables automated backup and protection of data hosted on SaaS applications. This setup requires no on-premise infrastructure investment. All data movement is cloud-cloud. It helps customers ensure regulatory compliance, and defend against ransomware/insider-threats while allowing free self-service recovery for users and centralized management for IT administrators.

Backup your M365 Data

An effective way to automate M365 backup and safeguard it with a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway.

Exchange Online Backup

An easy and efficient way to automate Exchange online backups with a fully searchable archive and ensure quick recovery whenever required.

OneDrive Backup

Secure automated OneDrive data backup enabled with self-service restores and fully searchable indexing.


BluSync™ is a Secure Enterprise File Transfer & Sharing solution. It gives an organization the ability to transfer large files, or files of any size for that matter, to people within its ecosystem as well as outside of it, in a safe and controlled manner. It also provides a secure platform for teams to access, edit and share files quick and efficient way.

Secure File Sharing

Share files securely, even with external users with options to control allowed users, file types, and file sizes.

End-user Collaboration

Enable end-users to access, edit and share files through multiple devices to collaborate seamlessly across different locations.


Create “mini-clouds”, an insulated and secured shared space to allow teams to collaborate effectively.

Secure Storage container

Leverage BluKrypt™, Parablu’s secure container, to ensure security and privacy on data, whether in the public cloud or a hybrid model.

Any Cloud

BluSync™ is storage and cloud-agnostic and works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer, and also works well with On-premise disk arrays.

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