Diversify your revenue and
grow your business
Become a Remote Workplace
solution provider
The rapid and disruptive emergence of the public cloud in recent years created
a dramatic shift in service providers’ revenue model. Your role in the market is changing:
Your customers
are looking for managed, end-to-end solutions that take the pressure off their internal resources and relying on cloud technology to ease their day-to-day operations.
Your business
is likely experiencing decreasing margins and revenue and suffering from higher customer churn as businesses are looking for modern cloud providers.
Future-proof your revenue model and meet the growing demands of increasingly sophisticated customers
by building a portfolio of modern cloud solutions—and Remote Workplace is the perfect place to start.
Save 30% off the WVD computing costs in D-series and B-series virtual machines for up to 90 days, for new customers, when using Microsoft’s native solution. Promotion must be activated before June 30, 2021
The rise of a flexible workforce is driving the adoption of modern workplace solutions
Remote working is the new norm – and it will continue to grow.
Address productivity

Create a seamless user experience that allows employees to communicate effectively and work collaboratively, increasing the productivity even when working remotely.

Upsell with security

With cyber-attacks on the rise and the need for more security governance for a remote workforce, customers are looking for advanced cloud solutions to safeguard their data and infrastructure. Leverage cutting-edge security to meet those needs and build a comprehensive solution.

Add value with your own IP

To differentiate in a saturated market, develop additional managed services that ease the implementation and migration for your customer. By completing the technology with your own IP, create lasting customer engagement.

Find out more about how to bundle your modern workplace solutions.
Become a modern portfolio that supports your future strategy.
By offering a Remote Workplace solution, you are adding new services to your portfolio, creating seamless upsell opportunities, and reducing risk by avoiding customer churn as well as retaining market share.
Take advantage of a fast-growing market
Take advantage of a fast-growing market
Outcompete other providers
Offer modern cloud solutions instead of outdated Desktop as a Service offerings to meet the needs of your customers.
Bundle solutions to increase margins
Create upsell opportunities to increase margins, provide additional services and create your own IP.
Supporting you along the way
If your business is lacking a specific skillset or expertise, we’re happy to help.
  • Involving the right stakeholders
  • Calculating TCO
  • Discovering and evaluating apps
  • Selecting a migration strategy
  • Applying the migration strategy
  • Finding recommended tools
  • Analyzing your costs
  • Saving with offers
  • Reinvesting to do more
Security and management
  • Security
  • Data protection
  • Monitoring
Dependence on the data center negatively impacts your margins and top line revenue.
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