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For partners like you, the IaaS opportunity will be the fastest-growing category for cloud spend through 2022, according to Research and Markets. As more businesses demand the many benefits of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), they need your help to get there.

Explore 8 IaaS advantages.

Take a look at why resellers and MSPs like you want to sell IaaS:

Reduce infrastructure

technology innovation.

Leverage the industry’s
latest solutions.

Create a recurring
revenue model.

Earn higher

Expand your portfolio of
solutions and services.

Scale your cloud
business faster.

Build stronger and
deeper customer

With different levels of maturity and readiness, adopting cloud and transforming your business can be challenging.

It’s time to get more out of your partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud. By taking a short survey, our tailored approach can help you gain more profit and unlock more opportunities.


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You can build a more successful IaaS business with Ingram Micro Cloud’s unique approach. That’s because we empower partners to capture more sales by communicating business-based outcomes — rather than a technology focus — to global end customers.

Plus, access best-in-class technology solutions — including AWS and Microsoft Azure — and expert services that simplify, speed and grow your IaaS practice. Partner with us to get more:

  • #1 Worldwide Microsoft Azure Indirect Partner

  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

  • 10+ different IaaS vendor certifications

  • 100+ certifications in IaaS

  • 55+ dedicated certified architects

  • Available in 24 marketplaces

Help your customers achieve their digital transformation goals, while maximizing your profitability. Ingram Micro Cloud gives you the tools, expertise and support to optimize your IaaS go-to-market strategy—in one place.

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