New Threats, New Opportunities

Cybersecurity is top of mind and the solutions are in your hands

Within five years, cybercrime is projected to cost organizations worldwide $10.5 trillion, annually. Companies everywhere are allocating more to their cybersecurity budgets. This is your opportunity to provide the high level of protection your customers are looking for.

With SONAR, a powerful assessment, planning and development sales framework, you’ll have the leading-edge tools you need to assist in the sale and implementation of cybersecure systems for your customers.


A New Sales Framework for Security Practice Building and Acceleration

The SONAR Sales Framework is a powerful, repeatable, step-by-step sales engagement process designed to provide you with effective tools and resources for building, accelerating, and maintaining a cybersecurity practice that meets the growing needs of your customers. Developed by Ingram Micro Cloud, "SONAR" bundles a suite of Services to drive Opportunity through eNablement to Accelerate annual recurring revenue that you can Repeat.

Watch how the SONAR Sales Framework can help you succeed


Detect and Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Accelerate mitigation and increase your cybersecurity business

With this robust, easy-to-read assessment report, you can outline and prioritize the current and imminent cybersecurity risks your customer faces. Help them take those vital steps toward better cybersafety through mitigation recommendations and implementing advised products.


The 6 Stages of the SONAR Sales Framework

Complete this repeatable process in just days and solidify yourself as the solution provider for your customers.


Get prepared to present a clear value proposition to your customers of your cybersecurity practice.


Reduce sales cycle for opportunity closing and increase engagement for new customer recruitment.


Drive awareness of the benefits of continued threat assessments and committing to cybersecurity vulnerability scans.


Use a Security First approach to drive scan adoption and get support through Ingram Micro's Centers of Excellence as needed to help fill in your skills gaps.


Establish a plan for your customers based on their vulnerability scans and utilize services as needed to help with increased consumption of security policies.


Show measurable and consistent value to customers to increase loyalty and decrease churn.

SONAR's Strengths

SONAR Sales Framework's tailored approach to sales engagement is structured to increase buying frequency and the utilization of Ingram Micro Cloud services to help you deliver cybersecurity to your customers. It's an approach that works because…

  • SONAR is built on a repeatable process
  • SONAR facilitates security-first customer conversations
  • SONAR supports cybersecurity as a driver of cloud adoption
  • SONAR helps partners meet a virtually universal customer need
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Confident Customer Conversations

“An assessment with the Cyber Security Assessment Tool is highly valuable to your customers, thanks to its clear and concise evaluation of their overall security status. For you, the tool is a powerful sales driver. Gain access to this sales accelerator by joining the Sonar Sales Framework.”

– Roeland van den Berg, QS Solutions Partner Manager