Integration Partners is a nationwide IT engineering services and solutions firm. They specialize in solutions that are open and scalable, as well as providing cloud, security, collaboration, core infrastructure and managed services for enterprises in industries such as healthcare, education and government.

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Headquarters: Lexington, MA

Employees: 400


Integration Partners was faced with the choice of having to turn down projects, or give longer lead times to compensate for a lack of sufficient staff to meet customer demand.


Integration Partners selected our Architecture and Design services to augment their team and help build a pipeline for the cloud infrastructure they had built for their customer.


  • Gained ability to meet customers’ quickly changing requirements and deadlines
  • Increased scalability without having to quickly hire and onboard new staff
  • Able to take on more and larger projects by offloading tasks
“From a competitive standpoint, we can say ‘yes’ in scenarios where we previously would have had to say ‘no.”

Matthew Gregg

Cloud Practice Lead

Integration Partners

Integration Partners relies on a small, talented team of cloud architects. With a smaller team, bandwidth can be limited for larger projects.

Multiple projects can come in at the same time, forcing Integration Partners to either reject some projects or take on longer lead times. They needed a way to scale up as needed to take on more and larger projects.

“That’s a great problem to have,” said Matthew Gregg, cloud practice lead for Integration Partners. “You can hire more people, but in this competitive marketplace, it can be challenging to get qualified candidates in a timely manner. The business need is there to grow the team, but in the meantime, we need to serve our customers.”

Choosing the right partner

Although they looked at several possible partners to help them scale, they decided on Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services. Why?

“In short, the answer was simplicity,” Gregg said

Gregg said the company had previously been a partner of Ingram Micro for some time. He said the Ingram Micro team is easy to work with and that Professional Services align well with their cloud offerings.

“It’s critical that we’re able to deliver our cloud offerings today while we grow out our team,” Gregg said. “What IMC Professional Services allows us to do is answer some of those business challenges.”

They chose Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services’ Architecture and Design services because they aligned well with Integration Partners’ other cloud offerings.

“It’s a means for scalability, serving as an extension of our team,” Gregg said.

Implementing the solution

Integration Partners had an existing customer for whom they were delivering professional services. Because the customer was pleased with Integration Partners’ services, the customer requested their participation in more and more projects, straining Integration Partners’ bandwidth to deliver.

The customer asked Integration Partners to build out a cloud-native CI/CD pipeline that would integrate with the mutable cloud infrastructure Integration Partners was building for them. By tapping into the Architecture and Design services, Integration Partners was able to offload that specific task and focus on all the other projects they were undertaking for the customer.

“It effectively augmented our team—we didn’t have to hire someone and wait for them to onboard,” Gregg said. “With IMC Professional Services, we could have someone come in and help us meet our deadlines with our customer.”

Future collaboration

In a competitive job market, it’s tough to find, hire and onboard the staff needed for complex cloud projects. Now, Gregg says Integration Partners can confidently sell more services with the knowledge that they have the ability to deliver on them by augmenting their team with Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services. It addressed their bandwidth concerns and allows them to take on more business—now.

“From a competitive standpoint, we can say ‘yes’ in scenarios where we previously would have had to say ‘no,’” Gregg said. “It absolutely allows us to take on more business in a shorter timeframe.”

Gregg said Integration Partners plans to expand its use of Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services in the future. For instance, they’re now able to provide AWS managed services right out of the gate.

“We don’t need to wait to grow our team out,” Gregg said. “Instead of the chicken-and-egg of having to justify the business case for hiring, we can effectively sell these services now with the team that we have, scale it up and augment it. Basically, it allows us to help customers today.”