Groupware Technology is a leading IT solutions provider that focuses on delivering data center and cloud computing solutions to help customers achieve mission-critical objectives. Founded in 1992, Groupware has rapidly grown into a $300 million company.

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Headquarters: Campbell, CA

Employees: 150


Groupware faced resource constraints and complexity challenges when offering specialty services for migrating a multi-cloud environment.


Groupware chose the Architecture and Design Service—part of Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services—to complement its own discovery and assessment capabilities.


  • Delivered expert customer service and migration recommendation to the client while maximizing their own resources
  • Cut costs by choosing Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services to best complement their team
  • Opportunity for future growth in managed services
“Knowing that Ingram Micro Cloud has an extensive bench of partners that have proven themselves really made the decision a lot easier for us to go with them.”

Daryl Harrington

Director of Cloud Solutions

Groupware Technology

Groupware Technology has been successful in its mission to offer cloud computing services to both SMBs and enterprises in verticals such as technology, electronics and healthcare.

With success comes opportunity and new challenges. One such opportunity came at a time when Groupware’s team were focused on managing a number of competing priorities. They were faced with a particularly complex migration that involved discovery and assessment of an existing environment across multiple data centers, as well as Microsoft Azure, and then migrating the environment to AWS. Groupware needed to continue offering a high level of service around this migration, but prior engagements constrained the team’s resources.

Choosing the right partner

The company previously would have handled the migration on their own or leveraged another partner within their ecosystem, but Groupware wanted to make sure the partner they chose would be ready and able with the resources they needed to get the job done. They chose Ingram Micro Cloud based on the positive experience they previously had with the company.

“Knowing that Ingram Micro Cloud has an extensive bench of partners that have proven themselves really made the decision a lot easier for us to go with them,” said Daryl Harrington, Director of Cloud Solutions for Groupware. “I had the confidence Ingram Micro Cloud could handle the job and provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from Groupware.”

Implementing the solution

Groupware presented the migration to Ingram Micro Cloud, which would involve moving three environments—a Rackspace datacenter, a colocation data center and an existing Microsoft Azure environment—into AWS. Given its complexity, Ingram Micro Cloud was able to personalize the Professional Services offering to Groupware by selecting Architecture and Design services while defining the scope of work to include discovery services, helping Groupware achieve cost savings.

The customer asked Integration Partners to build out a cloud-native CI/CD pipeline that would integrate with the mutable cloud infrastructure Integration Partners was building for them. By tapping into the Architecture and Design services, Integration Partners was able to offload that specific task and focus on all the other projects they were undertaking for the customer.

The Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services team conducted the discovery process around the client’s environments, provided guidance on migrating to AWS, and did a cost comparison against Azure CSP.

“This really allowed us to meet the customer’s expectations, as well as their timeline,” Harrington said.

Future collaboration

Although Groupware has only used Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services on this occasion, Harrington sees it as a partnership that the company could likely continue in the future.

“Based on the results of the engagement, I can definitely see us utilizing these services more often,” Harrington said. “I see an opportunity for us to expand into new markets and new service offerings, including more managed services, which is something we’re looking to expand and grow in the next year.”

Harrington said he prefers to rely on Ingram Micro Cloud for time-consuming tasks to allow his team to focus on more specialized projects that tap into their areas of expertise. He also likes that they can scale services up or down as needed with Ingram Micro Cloud.

“Customers have complex problems to solve and it’s our job to provide them with the best possible solution,” he said. “Ingram Micro Cloud’s team responded quickly and in a professional manner, and really met all expectations. I know that I can rely on Ingram Micro Cloud Professional Services when needed.”