Azure Accelerate

A program to enable partners across the entire IaaS lifecycle to accelerate time to revenue.

Go Warp Speed

At Ingram Micro, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexity of the cloud. Whether you’re new to IaaS or an Azure expert, you can turn to us to support you in your IaaS journey. The Azure Accelerate Program is designed to deliver exclusive services, promotions, and offerings for partners at all stages of building an Azure practice.

As you build your Azure practice with Ingram Micro, gain access to deeper benefits and services to support your acceleration of Azure consumption growth and new customer adds.

    What is your IaaS roadmap?

    Accelerate your Azure opportunities with exclusive, customized, services and offerings. Get to know what is available to you today.

    Contact an Azure consultant

    We deliver support around not just the “what” but the how, why and when to enable successful implementation and launch of Azure. As an Ingram Micro partner, get access to hands-on support and exclusive benefits including:

    Customer Demand Gen

    Accelerate leads not letdowns

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    Lifecycle Services

    Accelerate deal enablement

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    Preferential Pricing

    Accelerate savings and margin

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    Competency Build

    Accelerate skillsets

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    Elite Partner Treatment

    Accelerate partnership

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    Customer Demand Gen: Accelerate leads not letdowns

    The growth of any business starts with your customers. Whether you are farming your current customer base or seeking to identify net new prospects, demand generation through integrated digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to capture new opportunities.

    Each quarter we’re delivering turnkey campaigns for you to deploy to your customer lists. Go to market with each campaign inclusive of highly customizable: social banners, email templates, a pitch deck, selling guide, infographic, and more.


    Exploring Cloud Infrastructure

    Microsoft Azure is the only hybrid cloud that allows customers to migrate apps, data, and infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible paths. Use the materials in this campaign to hold an event that will help your customers to understand how thousands of organizations have migrated to Azure, at their own pace and with high confidence by using a reliable methodology, flexible and powerful tools, and proven partner expertise. Customers will learn how Azure can help them save—before, during, and after migration, and how it offers unmatched value during every stage of their cloud migration journey. They'll also learn about assessments, migration offers, and cost management tools to help them migrate with confidence.

    Customer type:

    Your target customer audience should be prospects that are just starting to explore moving their applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud. This is a 50-100 level type training to get your customer base interested in Azure. We recommend hosting this event in person or via webinar.

    Campaign Kit includes:

    • Azure Migration Customer Presentation

    • Azure Migration Event Invitation Emails

    • Azure Migration Infographic

    • Azure Migration Technical Whitepaper

    • Azure Migrations sales discussion guide (for partner)



    The Windows Server/SQL EOS Opportunity

    Microsoft and Ingram Micro are making significant investments to help partners move customers to the cloud with flexibility and low friction. As Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 move to EOS, customers will be looking to move to modern solutions. This will create even more Azure migration momentum. You now have a unique opportunity to leverage Ingram Micro services and resources to be successful across the customer migration journey. Start the migration conversation with your customers today. Assess, migrate and optimize their infrastructure, data, and apps to Azure. This will drive business transformation while reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, availability, reliability, and security.

    Customer Message:

    Find success with this kit by targeting your customers on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. While there is an upgrade on prem option, the hero motion is a Lift & Shift to the cloud. Use this opportunity to plan for your customers’ “Cloudification” roadmap as well.

    Campaign Kits includes:

    • SQL 2008/R2 Server EOS Brochure

    • WS/SQL Extended Security Updates datasheet- Note! Your key, most profitable play lies in Option 1- migrate to Azure

    • Prepare for SQL Server 2008/R2 EOS Pitch Deck

    • Windows Server 2008/R2 EOS Pitch Deck

    • Azure Customer Pitch Deck

    • Azure Migration Guide for Windows Server (for partner)


    Lifecycle Services: Accelerate deal enablement

    Identifying and managing IaaS opportunities and workloads can be challenging. Ingram Micro Cloud offers complete IaaS Lifecycle services to help partners enable opportunities, depending on their need, the workload targeted, and the partner’s level of maturity. Partners benefit by driving larger workloads in reduced timeframes to accelerate opportunity to consumption.


    • Complete technical resources to assist with D&A

    • Our solutions architects will deliver full services and assist resellers

    • Our sales engineers will move in to help seal the deal

    Key benefits

    • Results in faster progression to Azure, leading to faster consumption

    • Fixed fee per server/workload makes budgeting simple

    • Fee is 50% refundable if workload moves to Azure and meets MRR minimum

      Lifecycle Services: Accelerate deal enablement Discovery & Assessment (D&A)

      D&A services help you better understand, classify, and size opportunities of existing workloads, creating a roadmap that results in a faster progression to Azure and faster consumption.

      NEXT: Architecture & Design (A&D)


      • 1, 3 or 5 day services for fixed daily fee

      • Includes logical architecture diagram, physical architecture diagram, Azure services to target, DevOps consideration

      • Larger/complex workloads to be delivered in person while simpler workloads virtually

      Key benefits

      • Helps protect partner acquisition costs

      • Drives bigger/more complex workloads to Azure

      • Fee is 50% refundable if workload moves to Azure and meets MRR minimum

        Architecture & Design (A&D)

        A&D services to assist partners with 1-day, 3-day or 5-day architecture design effort to ensure best practices supporting a specific app or workload.

        NEXT: Proof of Concept (PoC)

        NEXT: Proof of Concept (PoC)


        • Fixed daily fee

        • Typical POC effort is 3 weeks

        • Funds available to help cover costs

        • Funds available to help cover costs

        Key benefits

        • Ensures higher success rate in Azure

        • Helps ensure stability with the workload

        • Enables bigger/more complex workloads to Azure, stimulating consumption

          Proof of Concept (PoC)

          PoC enables partners to mitigate risks by evaluating a particular workload in Azure to assess elements like scalability, operational effectiveness, DevOps and latency before a workload migration.

          NEXT: Migration


          • Choose from offerings from trusted ISV or Pro Services partners (Azure Site Recovery & Corent SurPaaS MaaS)

          • Some tools coupled with other valuable services

          • Ingram provides the service for % of expected annual consumption

          Key benefits

          • Speeds workload migrations to Azure

          • Mitigates risk for partners

          • Reduces overall friction in the sales cycle


            Migration services provide partners with numerous flexible options to easily move customer workloads to single or multiple clouds, either using first-party Azure tools or other partner tools for more specific migration needs.

            Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

            Preferential Pricing: Accelerate savings and margin

            Our goal is to help partners achieve scale—fast

            • Exclusive Promotions—Receive exclusive offers for customers, such as 1 month free for all new tenants.

            • Volume Discounts—Grow more, save more. Our Volume Discount offerings reward partners for driving toward larger customer acquisitions.

            • Discounted Services—Unlock access to receive custom discounts on white label services.

            Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

            Competency Build: Accelerate skillsets

            Technical resources are invaluable—and investments. It’s important to keep up with program requirements, certifications, and technical updates. To help you grow your technical expertise, Ingram Micro will help you with a unique opportunity to earn rebate toward your certifications.


            Tiered offerings are available to partners:

            • Driving $5–10k/mon Azure CSP—$300 toward certification

            • $10k/mon in Azure CSP—$500 toward certification

            Limited scholarships are available; request more information today to learn more about the commitment.

            Grow a channel footprint by launching a commerce platform

            Elite Partner Treatment: Accelerate partnership

            Loyal partners deserve royal treatment. Building an IaaS practice is hard work and we want to build-with and celebrate along the way. Trust in Ingram Micro to deliver the dedicated resources you need to accelerate your practice growth.


            Plus—Partners with established Azure practices and proven partnerships deep with Ingram Micro will receive special discounts and VIP access to Cloud Summit, the partner event of the year!

            Stages of Acceleration

            • Fundamentals

              Are you ready to build your IaaS practice but are just getting started? Or do you need a simple service like backup? Master the basics to prepare for accelaration.

              Fundamentals includes a multitude of training offerings, broad scale promotions, and access to services to enable your ramp up to selling Azure.

            • Develop

              At the Develop level, unlock access to incremental loyalty benefits as you deepen your Azure practice with Ingram Micro.

              Gain access to hands-on support and exclusive discounts to support your opportunities leveraging Lifecycle services. Receive the benefit of IaaS launches and services delivery.

            • Elite

              As and Elite Partner, enjoy high-touch engagements with our team of Azure technical experts and post-sales solutions architects to help customize your configurations.

              This highly exclusive tier unlocks deeper support, demand gen, and offers are custom built between you and your Ingram Micro team.

            Become a member to download a campaign kit.