Francesco Fraccalvieri

"With Ingram Micro Cloud, legacy and cloud services are table stakes. What's more interesting is our ability to deliver machine-to-machine, in-car entertainment and IoT (Internet of Things) services to an increasingly connected audience."

Francesco Fraccalvieri
Head of marketing for B2B and Marketplace

TIM S.p.A., is an Italian telecommunications company and one of the most famous brands in Europe. With almost $26B in annual revenue, TIM is the 16th largest Telco in the Fortune 500. The company delivers internet, landline and mobile services, plus premium content, cloud and IT solutions for Italian families, and turnkey business solutions, including an advanced cloud computing platform to allow enterprises to virtualise IT infrastructure and applications.

Rome, Italy


Just a few years ago, email domain and other internet services were not being widely bundled to telco services. TIM set out to change this, but found cost control, little flexibility and lean go-to-market strategy in the marketplace.


TIM leverages the Ingram Micro Premium platform to transform its business and expand its offerings, including building an end-to-end subscription and catalog management for IoT with their own connected car services. The move has enabled it to move beyond its initial strategy of selling software as a service by adding other components that deliver a complete, cloud automation go-to-market strategy.


  • Successfully launched more than 40 products in just 30 months, onboarding an average of one new product every three weeks
  • Created “TIM OPEN” a community of Italian developers, and the Platform Business Model for the ICT market
  • Apps onboarding process has drastically improved, thanks to automation and standard processes
  • Able to provide its partners with an IaaS platform to build on
  • Built an end-to-end subscription and catalog management for IoT with its connected car services