Norbert Van der Knaap

“Ingram Micro Cloud platform is hugely advantageous for us and crucial to the future of our business.”

Norbert Van der Knaap
Manager Hosted Applications

KPN is a Dutch Telco company with an annual revenue of $8 billion. KPN's global reach extends to markets in France, Germany, Belgium, and the United States. The company offers a complete range of network services, including IP-VPN, E-Line, E-LAN, Corporate Internet, Managed Videoconferencing, International Private Line, Wavelength, IP Transit, Dark Fiber and more.

The Hague, Netherlands


Like all telecom operators whose markets have been opened up to competition, KPN is always looking for new revenue streams to help it stay competitive. This is just as important in the wholesale market as it is in retail, especially when it comes to cloud computing. KPN needed a platform to help it enable its network distributors, resellers and service providers to take advantage of the new business opportunities provided by cloud-based applications.


KPN selected Ingram Micro Cloud as its preferred platform. The system features an application marketplace function that enables KPN’s distributors and resellers to provide private label cloud applications as a service, in addition to their own hosting services and KPN Wholesale’s telephony and Internet access services.


  • Generating new revenue streams for its wholesale business
  • Leveraging the Application Packaging Standard (APS) to enable fast, cost-effective application delivery
  • Tailoring application offerings to individual distributor, reseller, and market requirements
  • White label offering reinforces resellers' branding