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In the last few years, the total addressable market for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in Spain has tripled* and is projected to keep growing. Now’s the time for you to build a profitable IaaS solutions and services portfolio, backed by the expertise of AWS and Ingram Micro Cloud. With the combined support of the fastest-growing IaaS vendor and the largest IaaS distributor in the world, you’ve got an unbeatable team to help you transform your business from the Breadth stage to the Depth stage using the Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap.

The Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap:

Defining the Stages of the Reseller’s Journey

Buil in cloud

Stage 1:

Just starting out in cloud and looking to grow.

Embracing SaaS

Stage 2:

Embracing SaaS, simple IaaS and more cloud offerings.

Adding IaaS

Stage 3:

Adding IaaS and growing recurring revenue streams.

Scaling business model

Stage 4:

Scaling business model & revenues exponentially.

Building Your IaaS Business is Simple

Armed with a collection of simple-to-sell, plug-and-play solution packages, you can accelerate your time-to-market and begin to see revenue at lightning speed. You’ll start generating sales quickly while you get your team up to speed with all the technical enablement required by AWS. Choose from solution packages that are easy to adopt and effortless to deploy:

Desktop Backup+


An easy-to-use, desktop-to-cloud backup solution

Cloud Productivity+


A fully managed, on-demand cloud desktop service

Disaster Recovery+


An affordable, enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution

Cloud Storage+


A plug-and-play storage extension solution to help end customers archive cloud data



Professional services to help you with infrastructure management and complex migration projects

As a channel partner, you’ll receive technical blueprints with every solution package you add. Plus, you’ll have access to deployment support from a team of technical experts.

Ingram Micro Cloud Partner Benefits


Mentorship, guidance and enablement from industry experts

Expertise in AWS-bundled

Greater expertise in AWS EasyBuilder solutions for the SMB market

Campaign kits

Complete campaign kits for use with potential end customers


Accelerated lead opportunities to address & close

management & optimization cost

Cloudchekr cost management & optimization tool provided at no cost

AWS registered resellers

Special pricing benefits for new AWS registered resellers

If you’re ready to advance your IaaS business, you’ll find unlimited opportunities when you harness the power of AWS and Ingram Micro Cloud. Simply complete the form below, download the full solutions guide and a representative will contact you with more information.

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*IDC, Semiannual Public Cloud Services Total Addressable Market Tracker for Cloud, 2018