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Now’s the time for you to build a profitable IaaS solutions and services portfolio, backed by the expertise of AWS and Ingram Micro Cloud.

With the combined support of the fastest-growing IaaS vendor and the largest IaaS distributor in the world, you’ve got an unbeatable team to help you transform your business from the Breadth stage to the Depth stage using the Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap.

Ingram Micro’s Flight Academy – AWS Program is designed to deliver exclusive services, promotions, and offerings for qualified partners that are actively working towards progressing through the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Let us help you on how to best leverage all the resources available to you from AWS, as well as provide additional benefits that will help fill the gaps in growing a successful AWS business.

Program BenefitsBuildBreadthDepth
DISCOUNTED sales and technical training courses for AWS certifications      
FREE support to build Partner Business Development Plans      
FREE access to dedicated Ingram Micro AWS specialists for sales, billing, and business development      
FREE consultation on Ingram Micro’s unique 9 step strategy for IaaS practice build     
FREE support for case study development    
FREE support and guidance for AWS Market Development Funds (MDF)   
FREE Direct-to-Customer Billing benefit with commissions      
FREE access to AWS certified Ingram Micro technical specialists      
FREE access to Ingram Micro Professional Services for assessments, POCs, migrations, and managed services     
FREE access to Cloud Partner Perks Program     
FREE CloudCheckr billing optimization, compliance, and governance tool     
DISCOUNTED quarterly cost optimization consultation including All Upfront Reserved Instance (AURI) guidance as needed    
DISCOUNTED Cloudamize assessment tools    
FREE guidance for AWS agreements with annual contract value of $1M and above   
DISCOUNTED end user webinars and training courses for AWS   
DISCOUNTED Ingram Micro Cloud Summit attendee passes ($100, $200, and $300)      
FREE or DISCOUNTED AWS RE:INVENT attendee passes ($200, $400 and FREE for Depth)     
FREE subscription to Ingram Micro Cloud quarterly newsletter for AWS updates     
DISCOUNTED enrollment in Ingram Micro’s RUN marketing program   

Building Your IaaS Business is Simple

Armed with a collection of simple-to-sell, plug-and-play solution packages, you can accelerate your time-to-market and begin to see revenue at lightning speed. You’ll start generating sales quickly while you get your team up to speed with all the technical enablement required by AWS. Choose from solution packages that are easy to adopt and effortless to deploy:

Desktop Backup+


An easy-to-use, desktop-to-cloud backup solution

Cloud Productivity+


A fully managed, on-demand cloud desktop service

Disaster Recovery+


An affordable, enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution

Cloud Storage+


A plug-and-play storage extension solution to help end customers archive cloud data



Professional services to help you with infrastructure management and complex migration projects

As a channel partner, you’ll receive technical blueprints with every solution package you add. Plus, you’ll have access to deployment support from a team of technical experts.

Please sign up to Flight Academy | AWS Program to access the Quick Books.