Introducing your First-Class Ticket to Cloud Awesome!

We know that resellers of cloud offerings often start small with some taking the necessary steps to grow their businesses. They can also face extreme challenges along the way.

We have developed an exclusive opt-in program – Ingram Micro Cloud Awesome Dropbox program – designed to help you accelerate your Dropbox Business and provide unique benefits with exclusive partner margins.

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At Ingram Micro Canada, we support our cloud partners in their Cloud Awesome journey by providing them with the right blend of tools and resources to help their businesses grow.

To learn more about the Ingram Micro Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap and our Cloud Awesome Dropbox program, please contact your Ingram Micro Cloud Sales Representative.


Introducing the Cloud Awesome Dropbox Program

Our partners already love selling Dropbox. Now, you can take your profit to an even higher level with our new Cloud Awesome Dropbox program.

It’s truly awesome—opt-in now to gain access to significantly lower pricing, direct support and helpful resources—all yours for free. This program makes it easier for you to sell more Dropbox and drive higher earnings. Here are just a few of the program’s exclusive benefits:


  • Manual Provisioning
  • Reactive - Opportunistic​
  • 1-3 Cloud Offerings​


  • Digital Marketing
  • Automated Provisioning​
  • Cross-Selling​​
  • 4-10 Cloud Offering​​


  • Hybrid  Catalogue​
  • Integrated Digital Marketing​
  • Automated Provisioning​​​​
  • Cross-Selling​​​
  • 10+ Cloud Offerings + IaaS​​​​


  • Self-Service​ ​​
  • Outsourced Catalog​​
  • Integrated Digital Marketing​
  • Automated Provisioning​​​​
  • Cross-Selling​

As an Ingram Micro partner, get access to hands-on support and exclusive benefits including:

Increase your profit with some of the channel’s most aggressive partner margins

Get free sales support from a dedicated Dropbox specialist

Grow your business with free access to the Go-to-Market Hub on Cloud Marketplace

Enable your team to sell more with in-depth sales training and resources

Attract more customers by offering a 30-day free trial to Dropbox

Cloud Acceleration Mission Planning: Delight Customers and Drive Profitability

The growth of any business starts with your customers. Understanding and mastering these development pillars will enable you to overcome growth barriers in a systematic way.

Partner Enablement

Most partners begin their cloud practice opportunistically, and may stall out as they look to engage the market. Partner Enablement pillars work to build practices that create a strong foundation for growth.

Opportunity Enablement

Cloud services are complex. A partner’s ability to size up and engage customer opportunities is a clear differentiator. Opportunity Enablement pillars help you become fast and fluid with your end-customers.

Flawless Execution

Delighted customers are long-term customers. Learn how to continuously delight customers through flawless execution that scales as you do. Optimize your execution with Ingram execution strategies.

Cloud Awesome Dropbox program

Program BenefitsBuil Partners < $3k MRRBreadth Partners $3k - 10K MRRDepth Partners > $10k MRR
AGGRESSIVE partner margins   
FREE access to Dedicated Dropbox Specialist   
FREE access to Sales and Marketing Hub on Cloud Marketplace   
FREE Dropbox licenses (and other cloud services) for reseller personal use   
FREE first 30 days of Dropbox for net new partners to Ingram Micro*   
FREE first 30 days of Dropbox for net new partners to Ingram Micro*   
FREE Dropbox Engagement Tool for Dropbox usage assessments   
FREE sales training   
FREE quarterly business review with Dropbox and Ingram Micro   
DISCOUNTED Ingram Micro Cloud Summit attendee pass   
DISCOUNTED Joint marketing initiatives to drive customer adoption