6 Reasons to Choose SkyOffice over other Software Suites (a SherWeb Perspective)

The following article was contributed by SherWeb.Microsoft Office 365 gets a lot of love these days. It’s a well-rounded messaging and collaboration solution that includes hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and more. It also has the added advantage of coming straight f.. Continue

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The following article was contributed by SherWeb.

Microsoft Office 365 gets a lot of love these days. It’s a well-rounded messaging and collaboration solution that includes hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and more. It also has the added advantage of coming straight from Microsoft itself, which hosts countless organizations worldwide.

But for that very reason, Office 365 may not always be the best fit. Resellers need a solution that can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs. They also want to position themselves as a VIP solution provider — including white-glove services and bearing their own brand! That’s why solutions like SherWeb’s SkyOffice exist — to fill in those gaps that the IT giant isn’t able or willing to meet.

Like Office 365, SkyOffice offers end-customers a stable hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Lync environment. But, it also comes with SherWeb’s online backup service, SkyNox. A compliance and archiving solution can also be added to meet the needs of organizations that have to comply with mandatory government regulations like HIPAA, SOX and GLBA.

Here’s six reasons why an Ingram Micro reseller should consider SkyOffice 2013 (or 2010) over Office 365.

1. Choice of white-label or distributor model

SherWeb’s partner models let you control your customer relationship. You can either go with our white-label option, in which SherWeb assists you in the migration process and helps you resolve any support incidents while you handle all customer-facing interactions, or opt for our distributor model, in which end-users can contact us directly to resolve issues so that you can focus your efforts on more pressing matters.

2. Flexible pricing & bigger margins

Any hosting provider that goes head-to-head against a giant like Microsoft knows it has to sweeten the pot in more ways than one. With SkyOffice, this starts by allowing partners to set their own pricing. SherWeb also offers better partner margins along with free services that you can bill your customers for, giving you more options to increase your profits.

3. Customizable plans

With SkyOffice, you can customize bundles to include the services and add-ons your customers need. This allows you to tailor solutions to individual customers and adapt them as their needs change. Plus, organizations are not committed to only one plan; you can mix and match their plans at all times according to specific user roles and requirements. You can even add standalone services to a user’s suite as needed. Plus, rather than being tied up with a yearly plan with upfront costs, SkyOffice is billed on a monthly consumption fee model with no fees associated with services removal.

4. All-inclusive migration

Free migration and onboarding services are offered by very few hosters. In most cases, you might have to hire a third-party to do the migration for you, or do it yourself with self-help tools. Not with SherWeb. You get no-cost, all-inclusive migration and onboarding services on all SkyOffice plans, including data transfer with automated tools that guarantee no data loss or downtime. You can pass these savings on to your customers, or use them to boost profits.

5. Data location and certifications

Customers always need to know where their data is being hosted. With SkyOffice, you can tell them that all data is stored on SherWeb’s multiple Tier 3+ North American datacenters. With Microsoft, even if customers can select their primary desired data location, the company clearly states it can store your data wherever it wants to. Plus, as you might already know, Microsoft gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which amounts to almost 9 hours of accepted unplanned downtime per year. If your customers’ business needs require a stronger SLA, SherWeb’s 99.999% uptime is an industry-leading standard that guarantees no more than 5 minutes of unplanned downtime a year.

6. Free 24/7 support

Whether you're hosting 1 mailbox or 1,000 mailboxes with SkyOffice, both you and your customers are entitled to SherWeb’s round-the-clock support by phone, chat or email, free of charge and without any conditions. SherWeb also has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores (NP Score) in the industry. SherWeb prides itself on the quality of its Partner Network. With our dedicated Account Managers, 24/7 support, and free migration and onboarding services, we give you the VIP treatment so that you can pass it on to your customers. Ingram Micro resellers opting for SherWeb’s SkyOffice will be able to leverage these important value propositions to grow their cloud business.