Success Strategies to Fuel Cloud Awesomeness

Just under a year ago, I introduced the Ingram Micro Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap at Cloud Summit 2018. In the short time since then, I’m proud to announce that we’ve seen growth in every stage of the roadmap and we’ve gained an additional 10,000 partners on this jou.. Continue

Success Strategies to Fuel Cloud Awesomeness
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Renée Bergeron

Just under a year ago, I introduced the Ingram Micro Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap at Cloud Summit 2018. In the short time since then, I’m proud to announce that we’ve seen growth in every stage of the roadmap and we’ve gained an additional 10,000 partners on this journey.

Today, we have 55,000 partners worldwide on the Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap with  50% of them in the Build stage. This is an improvement from last year’s 60%—a reduction that shows our partners’ growth as they moved to the next stages, bringing more balance across the board.

Partners in the Breadth stage, which is the second stage of the roadmap, increased from 30% to 34%. Even so, we saw the biggest growth in the Depth stage, which jumped from 9% to 14%. In 2018, only 1% of our partners were in the final Scale stage and today, 2% of our partners are operating at the Scale stage, seeing significantly more revenue than those in the earlier stages.

That is great news given that we’re always working to fast-track our partners’ digital transformation. However, less exciting is the news that 47% of our partners don’t have a business plan and 56% of our partners don’t have a sales plan, according to The 2112 Group. This is a big roadblock to breaking out of the Build stage. As I told Cloud Summit X attendees, the Build stage should be a transitional stage only and being a chronic Build partner is not a strategy.

What you see from partners at the Breadth and Depth stages is that they are cross-selling, using automated provisioning and offering more cloud services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which is the fastest-growing cloud segment.

At the Scale stage, partners adopt three strategies: outsourced catalog, digital marketing and a digital customer experience. End-to-end digital customer experiences are about speed, self-service and convenience powered through automation.

To help our partners gain momentum in their journeys, we’ve made big investments to bring new innovations and enhancements to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, starting with Ingram Micro Connect.

Ingram Micro Connect

Powered by CloudBlue, Ingram Micro Connect is a new, easy-to-use digital module that provides a fast and cost-effective way to publish, manage and promote cloud services to as many as 200,000 partners who are using Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

As the leading enterprise digital commerce engine, CloudBlue is by far the platform of choice for our partners and Connect simplifies and automates distribution by providing publishing tools, digital contracting, multi-marketplace targeting, and sales and marketing content creation tools.

New Customer Experience 

Today’s customer demands speed. Partners must deliver an exceptional and seamless digital customer experience. The good news is with the new, modern UI that features an updated interface for the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, they can. This interface makes it easier for partners to find, navigate and purchase cloud services, while streamlining end-customer management.

Sales & Marketing Hub 

You can now activate your sales and marketing efforts with Ingram Micro Cloud’s newly launched Sales & Marketing Hub available on the CloudBlue Platform. The Hub is an industry-first, digital suite designed to educate and enable our partners’ salespeople on cloud services.

Ultimately, with the Hub, you have a single destination packed with product information, sales tools and digital marketing capabilities to help you grow your business and gain cloud expertise. A complementary resource to the Marketplace, the Hub is now available in the U.S. You can expect to see general availability worldwide by early fall.

Marketplace API 

Jason Magee, CEO of ConnectWise, joined me on stage at Cloud Summit X to announce Ingram Micro’s native API integration for ConnectWise. Together, our goal is to simplify the ecosystem to make sure you have a seamless approach for dealing with vendors and partners as well as your customers. Gone are the days of reaching out to the services vendors. Our direct integration with ConnectWise allows partners to place orders and subscriptions from the ConnectWise console.

The new API also enables our partners to quickly integrate their own online storefront, CRM and billing systems into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, allowing them to better manage and automate ordering and billing, customer accounts, users and subscriptions, and retrieve billing data that can be used to bill end customers.

Together, these new additions to Cloud Marketplace will enable you to automate more processes and, as a result, grow your business more profitably and efficiently.

I challenge you to continue to assess yourself against the Ingram Micro Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap, build a plan that allows you to become a digital partner, and turn to Ingram Micro Cloud to help your digitalization. 

Because we are laser-focused at helping you realize the promise of technology, a partnership with Ingram Micro allows you to scale your business. Experience the Cloud Marketplace now at and see how its new features can help you capitalize on the growing opportunity cloud continues to deliver.