Powered by Ingram Micro Cloud, TIM Leads the Future With Digital and XaaS

As digitalization reshapes the telecommunications industry, many companies are facing an increasing number of challenges. But digitization shouldn’t be viewed as a threat; it actually offers service providers the opportunity to reposition themselves in the market, rei.. Continue

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Isidoro Porquicho

As digitalization reshapes the telecommunications industry, many companies are facing an increasing number of challenges. But digitization shouldn’t be viewed as a threat; it actually offers service providers the opportunity to reposition themselves in the market, reinvent their business systems and create innovative customer offerings.

IDC expects digital transformation spending to reach $2.0 trillion in 2020 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.9%. Meanwhile, a recent study from EY shows the top strategic priority for telecommunication company executives over the next three years is to invest in digital business models and services. Although most top business leaders consider digital transformation to be one of their top priorities, few companies are close to capturing its full potential.

One outstanding success example of digital transformation is Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), one of Ingram Micro Cloud’s leading customers in Italy. Utilizing Ingram Micro Cloud’s robust platform technology, TIM is demonstrating significant advancement in digital transformation by driving the future of services in markets such as digital media, connected cars, IoT (Internet of Things), cloud services and more.

Francesco Fraccalvieri, the head of marketing for B2B and Marketplace at TIM, shared five key benefits the company gained by partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud in their digital transformation journey:

1. Continuous Innovation for Digital and XaaS (Anything as a Service)
Adding new digital services while reinventing the core business is one of TIM’s key goals. By leveraging Ingram Micro Cloud’s platform technology, TIM is enabling customers by introducing cutting-edge digital services such as machine-to-machine and IoT bundling other cloud and traditional solutions. “With Ingram Micro Cloud, it’ll not only be about telco cloud or legacy services, but will also include machine-to-machine, in-car entertainment and IoT (Internet of Things),” Fraccalvieri said.

2. Simplifying the Digital Journey for Everyone
TIM offers state-of-the-art digital services to a range of customers—from worldwide, multinational companies to local software houses. Ingram Micro Cloud’s robust platform technology allows TIM to present itself as a unified brand with a streamlined customer experience, simplifying the process for all customers no matter their size or their requirements. It allows TIM to more easily respond to customer needs anytime, anywhere, and through every channel, and thanks to the automation and standardized processing tools available via the platform, TIM’s team is able to put all their focus on finding the right solutions for its customers. “Through the Ingram Micro Cloud ecosystem, we are able to get the best cloud solutions to our customers,” noted Fraccalvieri.

3. Giving Customers the Power of Choice and Flexibility
With Ingram Micro’s platform technology, TIM can offer and manage flexible bundles by combining their core services with new digital services. Using a customized e-commerce platform powered by Ingram Micro Cloud, every customer can self-provision on the TIM marketplace to get access to the services they want, when they want it, and how they want to subscribe or purchase it. According to Fraccalvieri, by doing business with TIM, “Customers get what they need at the moment they need it.”

4. Revolutionary Customer Service Combining Telco and Cloud Knowledge
TIM is delivering a completely new level of customer service by applying the knowledge they have about the customer services in the traditional telco space and the new cloud solutions. Also, with the integration of their existing CRM and the Ingram Micro platform, TIM can quickly capture its customers’ complete journey through the one platform, allowing TIM to identify and respond to the needs of their customers within just a few hours. It allows TIM to transform their traditional Customer Service offering from reactive to proactive, empowering TIM’s customer service team to confidently propose new solutions and services, speeding up both sales and customer satisfaction.

5. Cost Control for Digital Efficiency
Cost control and total cost of ownership is critical in telco operations and for any service provider. By using Ingram Micro Cloud technology, TIM has gained a clearer understanding of the fixed and variable cost of service licenses, and is now able to control the variable cost of each activation every month and/or every year.

The Ingram Micro Cloud platform and infinite ecosystem are designed to get your new services up and running quickly, deliver services to solve real-world business problems, create upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and help manage your customers and services more efficiently. Our goal is to simplify the digital transformation of our customers and partners by managing the entire lifecycle of digital and XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) services delivery—from SaaS and IaaS to Internet of Things (IoT), HWaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) and more.

With a strong partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud, TIM has been successfully leveraging Ingram Micro Cloud’s infinite ecosystem, scalable and agnostic technology, and comprehensive go-to-market and support services to monetize in the digital economy and help its customers on their digital transformation journey. By partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud, TIM is maximizing the power of cloud as a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business in the digital economy.

To learn more about TIM’s successful digital transformation, please visit If you’re ready to discuss how to accelerate your own company’s digital transformation journey, simply submit the form on the site to request a demo or more information.