Power Your Digital and Cloud Transformation with the Next Generation of Odin Automation Premium

Key Highlights from the General Availability Announcement at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017 The digital transformation is changing every aspect of business. According to a recent Ernst & Young (EY) report, digital transformation is not only redefining businesses with.. Continue

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Key Highlights from the General Availability Announcement at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017

The digital transformation is changing every aspect of business. According to a recent Ernst & Young (EY) report, digital transformation is not only redefining businesses within an industry, but expanding industry boundaries. As a result, service providers must shift from a product-centric approach to an ecosystem-centric one, with seamless integration across diverse industries and an emphasis on “coopetition”—the co-existence of competition and cooperation.[1]

To revolutionize digital and cloud services delivery—and simplify the digital transformation of service providers and their customers in the connected economy—Ingram Micro Cloud has announced the next generation of Odin Automation Premium, its flagship cloud delivery platform. Now, service providers can easily automate end-to-end services delivery, differentiate their offerings and digitally transform their business with speed and scale across IoT, cloud, XaaS and service providers’ core services.

During the main keynote session at our annual event, Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017, we introduced our vision for the next generation of this industry-leading platform, as well as the platform’s new modules and capabilities. Here are the key highlights you'll want to note.

Odin Premium Next Gen

1. Navigate IaaS Deployment and Management with Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator

Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator enables service providers to simplify cloud initiatives for their customers by automating and orchestrating the deployment and management of workloads in any private, public or hybrid cloud—all from a single portal. With automated tools and preconfigured templates, users can rapidly build and deploy workloads to leading public and private cloud environments—such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and VMware—with multiple cloud deployment options, ongoing monitoring, reporting and unified billing.

2. Ingram Micro Federation Simplifies How Odin Partners Expand Their Services Portfolio

The Ingram Micro Federation Program provides Odin Automation Premium customers with an efficient way to quickly expand their cloud solution portfolios, without the need to directly negotiate individual vendor contracts. This dramatically shortens time-to-market for new services and simplifies the complexity of contracting, vendor management, deployment, integration, billing and support. With Ingram Micro Federation, Odin partners can also operate a hybrid catalog by using their established direct commercial relationships with vendors and by leveraging Ingram Micro’s agreements to gain instant access to a wide range of curated ISV products. For more information, visit

3. APS Connect Enables Rapid Expansion of Ingram Micro Services Catalog

Accelerated service deployment and onboarding is now possible using APS Connect, a cloud-based service integration technology. ISVs who want to sell their services through Ingram Micro’s global channel footprint can now quickly design, test and publish their solutions in just a few clicks. Service providers can also automate their own services and benefit from access to a significantly expanded cloud services catalog. The APS Connect Access Program is now available for ISVs and service providers at You can also watch an APS Connect introduction video here.

Odin Automation Premium Screen

4. Monetize Digital and Cloud Business Data with a New Business Intelligence Solution

In the connected economy, almost everything can be measured to drive business by showing how your customers think, what they want, and how they interact with your company and services. Our new Business Intelligence (BI) module enables service providers to easily consolidate, analyze and monetize cloud business data with a turnkey solution that provides a predefined, extensible data warehouse framework, workflows, Microsoft Power BI pre-integration, KPI dashboards and reports. As a result, service providers can effectively monitor business health and create tailored service bundles to minimize churn and increase revenue based on actionable data insights.

5. IoT and New Digital Services Management

End-to-end subscription and catalog management delivers rapid digital services, onboarding and reduced time-to-market with a streamlined, consistent experience, whether selling IoT, cloud and telco core or custom services. Many of Ingram Micro Cloud’s customers, including TIM and other leading service providers, are transforming their core services faster and more easily while supporting a wider range of digital business scenarios, such as connected cars. You can watch the latest success story from TIM, a leading telecom provider in Italy.

6. Other Enhancements Improve Operational Efficiency and the Customer Experience

Additional enhancements, including high availability and operational advances, new hosting service modules and an in-panel marketplace, will help Odin platform customers achieve operational efficiency and deliver a streamlined customer experience.

Next Generation Odin Automation Premium

Odin Automation Premium powers the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace in 36 countries around the world, selling cloud services through more than 40,000 channel partners. The platform also empowers leading service providers, including one third of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and more than 6 million end users worldwide. With the next generation of Odin Automation Premium, Ingram Micro Cloud will continue to empower service providers and their customers to win in the connected, digital economy.

For more information, visit the next generation of Odin Automation Premium website at or  

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