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Backup and file sync & share solutions are holding you back When it comes to file management, traditional solutions just can’t keep up. They’re no longer comprehensive, efficient or reliable enough for modern businesses. And they certainly don’t offer channel p.. Continue

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Backup and file sync & share solutions are holding you back

When it comes to file management, traditional solutions just can’t keep up. They’re no longer comprehensive, efficient or reliable enough for modern businesses. And they certainly don’t offer channel partners like you the opportunity to make high margins.

  • Traditional backup solutions are great for scheduled file backup, but they don’t offer real-time backup. And they lack critical file sharing and collaboration features.
  • File servers create a useful local file repository, but they don’t offer mobile access, file sharing and collaboration features.
  • File sync & share tools are great for file sharing and collaboration, but they don’t offer point-in-time restore, file retention policies and can’t backup multiple folders.

You’re probably offering a combination of the solutions mentioned above to your customers, which again, creates unnecessary complexity and puts pressure on your margins.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Meet SecuriSync®, the backup and file sharing solution from Intermedia. SecuriSync offers real-time backup and restore capabilities in addition to cutting edge file sharing and collaboration functionality. It's easy-to-use, fully mobile, extremely secure and backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA. It also gives IT administrators complete control and visibility over company files.

And when you sell SecuriSync, you’re providing a single product that meets all of your customers’ file management needs—which means you have the opportunity to put more money in your pocket.

Intermedia’s partner pricing starts at just $4 per user for this all-encompassing file management solution. Think about what you’re currently paying to your file syncing & sharing vendors (i.e., Box™ and DropBox®) and then add-on what you’re paying to your file backup vendors (i.e., Carbonite® and Mozy®). If you do the math, you’ll likely find that you’re overpaying for file management services—which makes high margins nearly impossible.

Do you have customers using Office 365™?

Adding SecuriSync along with other Intermedia services will help backup and secure Office 365, and is a great way to increase your high-margin recurring revenue while creating stickier customer relationships.

When you combine SecuriSync with Office 365, your customers get:

  • Real-time file backup and restore capabilities
  • Policies to prevent permanent deletion of files
  • Management of backups, files, and sharing activities
  • Mass restore from point-in-time
  • Ease of use with full administrative control

  Ready to Join the File Management Revolution?

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    1. Date: April 12, 2016
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About Intermedia

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud™ enables partners to sell 30+ essential cloud services, including email, phone systems, backup & file sharing and security solutions. Intermedia’s services are all mobile, backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA and managed through a single control panel. This helps partners reduce overhead costs and create major efficiencies by only having one vendor to manage.

Intermedia’s private label partner program gives partners control over how they run their business. Partners retain customer ownership and control billing, branding and margins. Intermedia provides support to partners throughout every aspect of the customer lifecycle. Every Intermedia partner has access to a marketing automation platform to help generate leads, as well as an assigned sales representative who will help turn those leads into sales. And after each sale, Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge™ team will handle the migration of your customers—helping to ensure no downtime at no additional charge. Finally, on an ongoing basis, Intermedia provides partners with 24/7 expert technical support with typical hold times of less than 60 seconds.

Sign up as an Intermedia partner today to start taking advantage of everything mentioned above. It’s absolutely free to join—there are no fees, minimum commitments or certification requirements. And as a partner, you can test out SecuriSync with your business at a significant discount through Intermedia’s Not-For-Resale program.

Need more information? Call the Ingram Micro Services team at (800) 705-7057, option 3 or e-mail

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