How Simplifying Complex Solutions Leads to Customer Success

SPONSORED BLOG POST Simplicity isn’t about what you surrender—it’s about what you acquire, create and learn on the way. This is extremely true when it comes to creating and selling network security solutions. The majority of security solutions on the market wer.. Continue

How Simplifying Complex Solutions Leads to Customer Success
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Simplicity isn’t about what you surrender—it’s about what you acquire, create and learn on the way. This is extremely true when it comes to creating and selling network security solutions. The majority of security solutions on the market were designed and developed for IT managers and less for end users, creating havoc for users who actually use these solutions on a daily basis.

With this in mind, when I started to brainstorm the design and idea of Perimeter 81, I kept asking myself: “If I was using this product, what would I like to see in a network security solution?” The same answer kept coming back to me: simplicity. Simple is better.

Instead of thinking what managers are looking for in a solution, I designed Perimeter 81 with the end user in mind. This new approach has yielded great results as we’re seeing increased sales and happy customers who are consistently using our product and, in many cases, are recommending us to other companies.

As Perimeter 81’s CPO and co-founder, I continuously use this approach when working with partners to think about how we can simplify complex ideas and sell them successfully. To that end, here are three key points I use at my company to provide a more simplified solution for our customers when revolutionizing the way businesses consume network security.

1. The importance of the user experience

I believe smart doesn’t need to be hard, and this is true for the user experience of security solutions. User experience is one of the keys to success as it fulfills the user’s needs. By providing users with a beneficial experience, you keep users loyal to your product and brand.

When aiming for a more simplified user experience, it’s important to make sure everything in the user interface has a purpose and an explicit goal. The purpose of each task or action in the user experience should have a common result or be aligned with one final objective. This approach decreases complexity and eliminates overthinking while achieving the company’s vision of providing better user experiences.

2. Scalability and simplicity go hand in hand

In today’s ever-changing workplace, the more simply you can scale your product to businesses,  the more success will follow. This is especially true with cybersecurity solutions.

Over the past 20 years, most solutions were hardware-based or difficult to understand for the average user. Security and IT teams would be the only ones in a company who had a clear understanding of how these products worked, creating a major challenge for the scalability of these solutions. By not having a clear and simple solution, customers hit a wall when trying to scale a product to more users.

In most cases, user growth is inevitable when delivering a great product with different features. Instead of offering a more complex offering with many different features, it’s better to design a simpler solution that provides more value with an emphasis on the key features. This simplified approach can help your business gain the trust of its users and help achieve scalability.

3. Don’t think small

Simplicity doesn’t mean the product should be small. And simplicity shouldn’t limit your company to offer just a few different features. Instead of thinking small, you should think about how to innovate and re-innovate with a more simplistic approach.

While many new and innovative ideas came from initially more complex products, this doesn’t mean you need to sell yourself short to the competition. By focusing on designing and selling products that are simple for the customer, your company will have the flexibility to create new products or reinvent outdated ones.

Thinking about what the user wants and needs will help you create more user-friendly features and products that will replace the complex solutions of the past.

It’s all coming together

Simplifying your product by creating and designing it for the user will lead to a better understanding of what the product offers and how easy it is to implement. By focusing on a better user experience, without thinking about size and scalability, your product will come out on top when compared to more complex solutions.

Instead of generating a user problem, your solution will give potential customers an easier decision to make. This approach will help your partners and company by offering what you always wanted to create—a simpler solution that your customers will appreciate.

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