End of life for legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Commercial subscriptions renewals 

July 10, 2022, is the last day you can renew existing legacy CSP commercial subscriptions  .. Continue

 End of life for legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Commercial subscription renewals
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Briana Lau

What is happening on the Microsoft side?  

Starting Monday, July 11, 2022, all legacy CSP Commercial subscriptions that reach their term end date after July 10, 2022, will not renew. 

  • Microsoft will not notify the partner or the end-customer when a legacy subscription approaches or reach its term.  

  • Legacy CSP subscriptions for education, government, and non-profit will still be available for purchase and renewal.  

How Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace will align to Microsoft's technical enforcement  

Actions Required Before June 30, 2022: 

To ease the transition process to NCE, partners are required to fulfill the following criteria below:  

StepsRecommended DeadlinesTasksHow to
1June 30Confirm that you have adequately established your Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA)  

Click here to check that you have signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement.   

If you have not signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement, click here to sign.*  

2June 30Confirm that you have associated Ingram Micro Cloud as your Indirect Provider.See the step-by-step guide on how to do this by country.* 
3June 30Identify and establish your location MPN ID and update on Cloud Marketplace.Review the step-by-step guide to adjust your MPN ID on Cloud Marketplace  
4June 30Ensure that all your end customers have accepted their Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA).   See how here  
5June 30Optional: Opt-out of Ingram Micro CSP to NCE Transition Complete and submit the Opt-out request form  


*Pre-requisite: Global Admin Partner Center Role needed to complete action.  

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to helping your organization and customers transition to Microsoft's new commerce experience.  

Are you interested in receiving more assistance?   

Contact your local dedicated NCE champions.