Elevate Your Reseller Business with Go-to-Market Automation

As a software reseller, you may struggle with sales enablement. It’s difficult to grow your business when up to 40% of your sales efforts involve researching and adapting content about cloud solutions. On top of that, keeping up with the cloud industry and product.. Continue

Elevate Your Reseller Business with Go-to-Market Automation
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Locke Truong

As a software reseller, you may struggle with sales enablement. It’s difficult to grow your business when up to 40% of your sales efforts involve researching and adapting content about cloud solutions.

On top of that, keeping up with the cloud industry and products in general can be overwhelming. So much information is out there and it’s constantly changing. By the time you’re ready to go to market with a new product, both the product and the market itself likely has changed.

In addition, marketing the products you sell isn’t easy. Without access to a large marketing staff or expensive outside firm, much of your time may be spent creating and executing digital marketing campaigns that aren’t as effective as they could be.

Your cloud business can’t thrive without these three elements: sales, knowledge and marketing. The key to cracking the code on all three? Go-to-Market Automation.

Go-to-Market Automation is the fusion of sales automation and through-channel marketing automation. And we deliver it through the Go-to-Market Hub. Using Go-to-Market Automation, you can achieve your end goal of growing your portfolio and customer base more efficiently by increasing revenue and scaling your business. Simply put, we want to help our partners and vendors sell more cloud products. 

Automating your sales efforts

When selling a new product, your sales team needs access to easily digestible, standardized and up-to-date enablement resources. But getting access to these resources is easier said than done.

Our Go-to-Market Hub, included free with your membership as a part of Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, features a central repository of sales enablement material. You get standardized product, solution and category playbooks that summarize a product’s business challenges, vendor information, features, benefits, target markets and customer success stories for products sold on our Marketplace.

The breadth of material quickly elevates your newer salespeople to match the aptitude of your veteran sales reps. And, when your sales teams need to prepare for a customer meeting, they can refresh their memory on how to position products.

But it's not enough to educate your employees; that knowledge has to transfer to your end customer. To meet that need, the Go-to-Market Hub features customizable, co-branded sales sheets—with easily understandable product information—to help you get to market faster and convert your prospects into customers more easily.

Keeping up with the cloud

To stay up with the latest changes to all the products you offer, you can wait for vendors to contact you, scroll through vendor websites and blogs or risk having out-of-date information.

Or, you could turn to the Go-to-Market Hub, which serves as a single source for news and updates from multiple vendors. It features regularly updated blogs on the latest product information as well as notifications on updated sales and marketing collateral.

Using this tool helps keep you and your customers informed about new product features as well as vendor acquisitions and consolidations. You’ll not only keep your portfolio relevant with up-to-date collateral to sell more products, but you’ll also be better equipped to meet your customers’ specific needs.

Marketing your products

Marketing often represents the biggest headache for resellers and managed service providers. The old adage about a tree falling in the forest holds true: How can you make sure your customers hear about all the great products and services you offer without spending a fortune?

Automating your marketing efforts can save you loads of time and money while improving your brand and product awareness. This gives you more opportunities to connect with prospects you can easily turn into customers.

With Go-to-Market Hub’s prebuilt digital marketing campaigns, you’ll get access to ready-made banner ads, email templates, landing pages and social media campaigns, all of which can be customized, automated and tracked for lead management and used to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Using our Go-to-Market Hub

When you’re signed into Cloud Marketplace, simply go to the Go-to-Market Hub page and launch the hub. From there, you can search by product, solution or category to learn about everything that’s offered on Cloud Marketplace. Better yet, you can start selling right away.

With the Go-to-Market Hub, you can easily customize and automate your sales and marketing efforts from the same place you manage your customers. It helps you reach the leads that you gain through your efforts while at the same time effectively retargeting your existing customers.

Are you ready to maximize your sales opportunities and profits, increase brand awareness, drive more leads and transform yourself into a competitive cloud expert? Log onto Cloud Marketplace and check out the Go-to-Market Hub to see how you can take your cloud business to the next level—without a lot of effort.