The Comet Competition: Discovering the Next Great Technology Companies

Earlier this month at Cloud Summit X, the cloud industry gathered once again to see the latest innovations, hear from the industry’s top speakers, and expand connections with colleagues. This year was special—it marked Cloud Summit’s 10th anniversary of thought le.. Continue

The Comet Competition: Discovering the Next Great Technology Companies
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Michael Kenney

Earlier this month at Cloud Summit X, the cloud industry gathered once again to see the latest innovations, hear from the industry’s top speakers, and expand connections with colleagues. This year was special—it marked Cloud Summit’s 10th anniversary of thought leadership, which set an inspiring tone for what was to come.

ISV advances at Cloud Summit X

Innovation from independent service providers (ISVs) was a huge focus at the event. Out of nearly 1,600 attendees, we had about 300 ISV professionals from more than 90 companies. This included global leaders from powerhouses like Microsoft, AWS, IBM, VMWare, Cisco and Symantec who came to showcase their latest technologies.

During general session, many notable speakers shared their insight: Peter Levine of Andreessen Horowitz took the stage and spoke on the future of cloud computing. He predicted a shift in data processing—from a centralized location in cloud to distributed locations at the edge of the network.

Peter also shared an interesting tidbit: We’ve been on a rotating shift between centralized and distributed since computers were first built. We saw centralized computing with a mainframe in the 1960s through ‘70s, then distributed computing with client servers in the 1980s through 2000, and then back to centralized computing with mobile cloud in the early 2000s. The next step will be a shift back to distributed computing with edge intelligence.

Carl Eschenbach of Sequoia Capital also joined Ingram Micro’s Vice President of Cloud Channel Sales Tim Fitzgerald to discuss data’s opportunities for monetization—plus, the idea that the more data you have, the more you can train your artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

There were plenty of great moments at Cloud Summit X, but one of the most exciting was hearing about Ingram Micro’s new global initiative for ISV startups.

The latest from the Comet Competition

In October 2018, Ingram Micro Cloud partnered with entrepreneur-aggregator MassChallenge to launch the Comet Competition—an annual challenge to discover the world’s most talented B2B ISVs.

The Comet Competition’s mission is simple: Find the most promising B2B technology startups and boost their trajectory to market success.

A responsibility and a commitment

With vendor and portfolio expansion playing a major role in its double-digit growth rates, Ingram Micro Cloud has emerged as a top leader in the industry. Now, as a billion-dollar business and the largest cloud aggregator in the world, the company is in a strong position to ensure promising new technologies find their way to end customers.

We believe that along with this growth comes a responsibility to help, support and boost ISVs that are out to change the world for the better. Additionally, we never forget our commitment to connect resellers with startups that are creating and developing the most innovative, up-and-coming technologies in existence.

Introducing the top winners

To uncover ISV talent on a global scale, we launched the challenge from three different locations: Tel Aviv, Austin and Boston. The three cities represent great things in the world of tech: Tel Aviv, for its reputation as a hub in the cybersecurity market. Austin, for its contributions in manufacturing and IoT. And Boston, for its strong propensity toward education, research and development, and for its track record in turning great ideas into viable businesses.

At Cloud Summit X, Scott Bailey, chief growth officer at MassChallenge, announced the top winner from each location as well as nine runners-up. The sheer potential exhibited by these companies was truly astounding, and the technologies being developed are creating real excitement throughout the industry.

Our Tel Aviv winner, Verifyoo, is set to rock the cybersecurity world. Its flagship product—the behavioral one-time password—incorporated the strengths of the one-time password (OTP) with behavioral analysis. It means that memory is no longer required, and verification is unique per user. Passwords as we know it will never be the same.

“Verifyoo’s vision is to lead the global revolution to get rid of passwords for good by providing users the most secure, user-friendly method of verification while fully maintaining their fundamental right to privacy.”

—Roy Dalal, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Austin winner, ClearBlade, is a force to be reckoned with in the IoT world. They are enabling companies to ingest, analyze, adapt and act on any data in real-time and at extreme scale.

“IoT is going to change the world by connecting every ‘thing’ on the planet over the next several decades. ClearBlade is standardizing the way IoT solutions are built, run and delivered to make the world safer, healthier, eco-friendlier and more efficient.”

—Eric Simone, Founder & CEO

Pixm, our Boston winner, hails from New York City and is the world’s first award-winning anti-phishing protection. They’re using deep-learning computer vision to detect phishing attacks in real time at the point of click.

“At Pixm, we are doing things that no one has done before with anti-phishing—we’re creating a new category. We’ll already be where attackers are going with phishing: the endpoint.”

—Arun Buduri, Co-Founder & President

At Ingram Micro Cloud, the Comet Competition is destined to become the new normal as we find exciting, new ways to support the tech community while aligning with our long-term goals. Our vision is to realize the promise of technology, and for us, the Comet Competition represents a bold return to our roots of technological curiosity and discovery.

For more info on the Comet Competition, check out, and stay tuned to see where the next wave of Comet Competition locations will take place.