Cloud Summit Spotlight: Richard Dufty on How Partners Can Start Monetizing XaaS

Our Cloud Summit is approaching quickly, and in the lead-up, we're asking some of our corporate executives to share their insights on topics of interest to our partners, hear their perspective on the state of cloud and digital transformation, and learn what they think p.. Continue

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Our Cloud Summit is approaching quickly, and in the lead-up, we're asking some of our corporate executives to share their insights on topics of interest to our partners, hear their perspective on the state of cloud and digital transformation, and learn what they think partners can take away from Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018.

Today, we're chatting with Richard Dufty, senior vice president of Global Cloud Platform Sales and Services to get his take on the Infinite potential of cloud, and specifically how partners can build a profitable anything-as-a-service (XaaS) business.

Q: The overarching theme for this year's Ingram Micro Cloud Summit is Infinite. Can you tell us what Infinite means to Ingram Micro and its partners?

A: Our message centers around the Ingram Micro Cloud platform's Infinite potential—primarily focused on scale, an infinite ecosystem, and go-to-market and enablement services. More and more service providers now understand why we are the perfect partner for digital transformation. We believe our partners share our strategic vision around how to digitally transform—and get more cloud services into more people's hands as quickly as possible throughout the world.

Q: How can partners begin to monetize XaaS and IoT?

A: Internet of things (IoT) is already powering cutting-edge technology in every segment and in every vertical. I believe IoT is just one more implementation of XaaS, which is powered perfectly by the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Simply put, if you can do XaaS, you can do IoT.

Service providers are looking to partner with teams that have strong connections with other vendors as well as the expertise to help them get their services to market and adopted at scale. Now that almost anything can be delivered "as a service," more partners are using the Ingram Micro Cloud Platform to monetize it.

Ingram Micro Cloud brings together infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help service providers get to market quickly and efficiently, customize their offerings and grow their cloud services businesses. By combining the solutions with other business-building and go-to-market resources, we're empowering partners to enter and succeed in this lucrative marketplace.

Q: How is Ingram Micro Cloud helping current partners build their IaaS/XaaS businesses?

A: We hear a common concern from many service providers: they have services to offer, but need a platform or marketplace to deliver them. They have reached a point where their current systems just can't scale. That's where Ingram Micro Cloud can help. The Ingram Micro Cloud services platform includes over 200 connected ISVs and a host of robust enablement services. The potential returns are massive and service providers are recognizing the value.

As technology continues to accelerate, platforms need to have greater flexibility, agility and scalability with a more open architecture. At Ingram Micro, we've been using this principle to design and engineer our latest solutions.

Now that we've transformed our platform offering, partners can start selling anything as a service at any point in their digital transformation journey, scaling as they grow. The business need is what matters; the technology simply facilitates it.

Q: Why should partners attend Cloud Summit 2018?

A: Cloud Summit brings together more than 1,000 partners and industry leaders, and when that many great minds get together, extraordinary things happen. Partners will learn how Ingram Micro Cloud's three-pillar strategy (providing access to an infinite ecosystem, leveraging scalable technology, and delivering go-to-market and support services) was built for speed, scalability and flexibility.

It's a strategy that has allowed the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace channel to become the largest cloud service platform provider with more than 27 million seats and 200+ platform-integrated cloud services.

But Cloud Summit goes way beyond self-promotion. We've designed an agenda that provides partners with actionable information, tools and insights that they can take back home and use to build their cloud businesses.

Q: Can you tell us what kinds of companiesand who within those companieswill benefit from attending Cloud Summit and why?

A: Partners of all types will benefit from Cloud Summit. ISVs will learn how they can get their offers to market almost instantly across the entire multi-service provider ecosystem. VARs will see how they can expand their cloud services offering quickly, easily and with minimal investment.

Service providers and MSPs will gain an understanding of how they can deliver the most effective portfolio of services for their customers by combining the services in our Marketplace with their own core services or applications.

We have over 100 sessions, scheduled across six learning tracks, covering every conceivable topic of concern for our partners. Some sessions are introductory overviews, others provide in-depth information and specific how-tos, some are expert panel discussions, and others are hands-on labs, where partners can play with the latest technology solutions and ask questions of the providers.

With so much depth and breadth, there's value for individuals throughout partner organizations, from sales and marketing teams to IT, development, finance and executive roles.

Q: This year's Cloud Summit is in Boca Raton, Florida, and Florida has been called the Australia of America. As an Australian, what do you think of that comparison?

A: I love Florida. It's a beautiful state and I am excited to be there for Cloud Summit. As far as it being the Australia of America, I'll have to give that some serious consideration while I'm there and see if they can make a flat white. Until then, I'll keep my money on Australia's crocodiles over Florida's gators.

We'll be sharing many more ways to build your IaaS and XaaS business at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018 from April 30  May 2, 2018, in Boca Raton, Florida.