Case Study: VaultLogix

In the IT world, adaptability to industry changes and being able to form strategic relationships are critical attributes for survival. Just ask VaultLogix, who has thrived since entering the cloud market as a vendor over a decade ago. Challenge: Entering the Cloud .. Continue

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In the IT world, adaptability to industry changes and being able to form strategic relationships are critical attributes for survival. Just ask VaultLogix, who has thrived since entering the cloud market as a vendor over a decade ago.

Challenge: Entering the Cloud

Located 30 minutes from Boston, VaultLogix is a cloud backup pioneer. They provide a suite of cloud backup and data recovery solutions enabling business data redundancy and continuity, which can be managed from multiple devices. Furthermore, these services offer end customers the flexibility to choose where their data is stored (in the cloud, locally, or both) and provide access to detailed and customizable data usage reports for review and analysis.

Aside from creating best-in-class business cloud services, VaultLogix also realized the importance of strategic partnerships and decided to take advantage of selling to a larger audience by leveraging the reseller channel. They decided to go with Ingram Micro Cloud based on our extensive channel experience and dedicated staff of cloud professionals.

The choice to partner has been beneficial for both Ingram Micro and VaultLogix. VaultLogix gains the advantage of a brand name channel in Ingram Micro and we receive the benefit of working with a business-class cloud backup provider that:

  • Is SOC 2 Type II audited semi-annually to ensure operational effectiveness
  • Provides 24/7/365 North American based support
  • Has a strong service level agreement
  • Has a powerful portal with multiple RMM and PSA integrations
  • Allows the ability to white-label the VaultLogix solution.

Additionally, the VaultLogix solution provides some unique features not available in many other cloud backup providers, including the ability to prioritize the level of protection the customer wants for different types of data, free local image backups for quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster, and unlimited local backups that don’t require the purchase of an expensive appliance. Customers can also enjoy VaultLogix’s two levels of cloud backup: A critical cloud option with extensive retention and frequency of backup settings, and CloudArc, a long-term storage solution for less critical data that needs to be stored offsite.

Solution: Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

For Complete Technology Resources, their initial strategy involved attending Ingram Micro’s 2013 Cloud Summit, which is one of the global IT channel's largest, dedicated cloud services event. The three-day event included the IT industry's top solution providers, cloud services providers, cloud vendors, thought leaders, and other cloud innovators meeting to discuss industry trends, share best practices, and network. The event was a perfect venue for Complete Technology Resources to learn and engage other like-minded professionals and obtain the resources needed to begin their journey.

At Cloud Summit, an Ingram Micro Cloud associate introduced VaultLogix to Complete Technology Resources (CTR), which was looking at Hosted Exchange and cloud storage opportunities. The match proved to be beneficial to both parties.

“We found that VaultLogix supported what we were looking for,” states Jamie Stafslien, CEO, Complete Technology Resources. “In particular, we were satisfied with their white-label program, aggressive pricing, and understanding of the financial and healthcare sectors. Distance helped too, since our offices were only separated by 50 miles.”

Results: Partner Success and Treating the Customer Right

Within the first year, VaultLogix and Complete Technology Resources saw considerable success, selling over 1 TB of cloud backup. One benefit of working with VaultLogix was the ability to white-label and bundle the VaultLogix solution alongside CTR’s other offerings, allowing for customized solutions of their entire customer base.

The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace enabled them to bundle products utilizing remote monitoring and management (RMM) and take advantage of professional services automation (PSA) software.

With substantial success with vendor, reseller, and distributor relationships, VaultLogix and CTR knew they could go even further to cater to their customers. After all, game changing technology only does so much. “We make it a priority to listen to our customers and understand their needs,” says Stafslien. “We believe it’s important to understand our customers so we can ensure we’re a good fit as a solution provider before we suggest a solution.”

One such example of how CTR and VaultLogix provide value to a customer was experienced by an aerospace broker-dealer that CTR has serviced for over 5 years. CTR and VaultLogix provided them cloud business continuity solutions by helping them avoid downtime during New England’s challenging seasonal weather conditions. By upgrading their cloud backup solution to VaultLogix after a series of particularly punishing winters the aerospace broker-dealer no longer needed to purchase hardware every 3-5 years, which continues to positively impact their annual income statement. CTR also leverages VaultLogix’s 24/7 domestic-based customer support and account management services to support the business and technical needs of their customers. They also appreciated the option to engage Ingram Micro’s professional Cloud Team to answer questions and provide support.

Results: Happy customers and rewards

As the IT industry continues to make innovations, VaultLogix and their partners are thriving as a result of their technology adoption and combined efforts with strategic partners like Ingram Micro. As a result, they have seen continued growth in the reseller channel. VaultLogix has truly simplified their success in the cloud and adapted to the future.

“Our partnership with Ingram Micro is one of our first and longest running relationships,” says Tim Hannibal, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services. “What we have accomplished with them increases our team’s ability to service our customers and increased the solutions we offer.”