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Whether it’s between colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers, stakeholders and communicators, the output from collaboration must exceed the time and effort inputted. While two heads are better than one, without the right support from resources, tools and strategic decision-making, too many cooks can end up spoiling the broth!

Beyond simple uploading and syncing between devices apps and desktop widgets, true collaboration is offered by Dropbox Business, enabling people to work in real time with others. Contributing, tagging, commenting and amending work without the document being replicated or sent anywhere. Sitting in the cloud, the document is a living, breathing asset, unrestricted by its location – no matter where the contributors are and whatever device they are using, everyone sees the same result.

Ingram Micro Cloud, Microsoft and Dropbox Solutions

As a trusted advisor to your customers, you always want to engage them to better understand how cloud collaboration and secure file sharing can help them to drive real ROI from their Microsoft Office 365 investments. Ingram Micro Cloud in conjunction with Dropbox will ensure that you are fully equipped with the right resources, training and expertise to have profitable upsell conversations with customers. At the same time, Dropbox Business’s easy scalability and annual renewals will create opportunities to build strong relationships and anticipate future needs within their businesses.

By adding Dropbox to their business, your customers will benefit from

  • Unlocking greater value from their Office 365 deployment, and an ability to work efficiently together across applications, teams, departments and geographic borders
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use storage and backup normally the reserve of larger companies
  • A single view of work across the company with the ability to oversee company data on any device
  • A feeling of safety and security via enterprise-grade admin control and visibility tools
  • A platform that works organically with the tools your customer already uses, without further investment
  • Empowered and engaged workers through a real-time, intuitive collaborative experience that increases productivity
  • The ability to bring existing personal Dropbox usage in the company under control

Empowering workers through Collaboration in the cloud

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