3 Key Moves You Can Make to Grow Your Cybersecurity Business

SPONSORED POST As our world continues to move towards a more complex digital future, cyber protection is becoming a must for all businesses across all verticals. Because of this increasing demand in the market, there’s a great opportunity for your data protection a.. Continue

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As our world continues to move towards a more complex digital future, cyber protection is becoming a must for all businesses across all verticals. Because of this increasing demand in the market, there’s a great opportunity for your data protection and cybersecurity practice to grow and thrive—especially when armed with the right tools.

At Acronis Global Summit 2019, the world’s largest community of cyber protection professionals gathered for a two-and-a-half-day global conference. As a strategic partner of Acronis, Ingram Micro Cloud was one of the industry leaders to share the best solutions and practices attendees can utilize to succeed in protecting the critical data assets and systems of their customers.

Backed by the power of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro Cloud is at the forefront of providing the right tools and solutions to cyber protection professionals. Renee Bergeron, Ingram Micro’s Senior Vice President of Global Cloud, took the stage to speak on how partners could use the infinite ecosystem of the Cloud Marketplace to grow their CSP practice and transform their reseller business with a portfolio of solutions.

From her keynote, here are three key moves attendees learned they should make in order to drive more value for customers, as well as scale their cyber protection practice.

#1: Choose an efficient yet robust platform

Attendees learned that one of the most important decisions for a successful cyber protection business hinged upon their choice of platform. Cybercrime and its cost to organizations continue to grow, and managed service providers (MSPs) who provide value to their customers through cyber protection could succeed in doing so when backed by a platform that is full-featured yet simple to use and efficient in its operation.

The CloudBlue platform is, by far, the leading cloud commerce engine available on the market today. It’s the platform of choice around the world for 200+ large service providers and MSPs who run their cloud business on the CloudBlue platform, and for 55,000+ channel partners who run their cloud business on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, which is powered by CloudBlue.

In the past twelve months alone, the platform has delivered hundreds of new features and functionalities—including a brand-new modern interface to make it easier for partners to navigate and run their business on the platform—and it continues to evolve and improve based on partner feedback.

#2: Offer your customers a free trial

The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is where MSPs and partners go to find Acronis solutions—and it’s the only fully-automated eCommerce platform that offers a self-service experience for Acronis solutions. Plus, it’s where you can go to find 30-day free trials.

These free trials have proven to be the best way to build your pipeline and “close the deal”. In fact, when resellers offer a 30-day free trial, they see a 60% conversion rate from potential customers, making this method one the most successful ways to grow your business.

#3: Focus on repeat-sell, cross-sell and up-sell

You’ve heard the old business adage that it’s easier to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one. It’s also more profitable as well—and that’s why repeat-selling, cross-selling and up-selling is so important.

The basic formula for an annuity or monthly recurring business is based on reach, frequency and yield—and it’s where the bulk of your business growth will come from. Reach focuses on getting more of your customers to buy a single solution, also known as repeat-selling. Frequency focuses on getting existing customers to buy more offerings from you, also known as cross-selling. And yield focuses on getting your customers to buy higher-value solutions, also known as up-selling.

In a business like yours, success in scaling is directly correlated to your success in selling in these three ways. An important component of the Ingram Cloud Marketplace is its abundance of tools that help you assemble, build and generate digital assets and campaigns to reach a wider audience.  And with these tools that make running your business so much easier, you can focus on maximizing the long-term value for your customers through repeat-selling, cross-selling and up-selling.

Take your piece of the cyber protection pie

All businesses need to protect their most prized asset—their data. And because companies must invest in ways to better protect their data, data protection is a rapidly-growing market. If you’re an MSP of cybersecurity, you’re in a perfect position to take your share of the cyber protection market.

A partnership with both Ingram Micro and Acronis allows you to focus your investment on customer acquisition and service delivery to offer a true digital customer experience—which in turn allows you to scale your business.

Contact us today at and learn more about how we can support you in building and growing your security practice with Acronis solutions in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. You can digitize your business with our CloudBlue hyperscale platform—through access to various acceleration services, a robust portfolio of solutions and an infinite ecosystem, where you’ll find the technologies you need to solve your customers’ business problems.