Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA)

Microsoft is going live with MPA on Sunday September 1st. Are you and your Resellers (MS Partners) ready? Here are some key things to know:

  • For regulatory reasons, Microsoft will not allow MS Partners (Resellers) to Accept/sign the MPA via API, meaning not from the Cloud Marketplace. MS Partners must Accept the MPA from within their Partner Center Dashboard AAD Tenant.
    • Any MS Partner who has not yet enrolled for a Partner Center Dashboard AAD Tenant should be strongly encouraged to do so.
  • Existing MS Partners may begin Accepting the MPA from 1-September, and must do so by 31-January.
    • They may continue transacting all legacy CSP products and all Modern products on the MCRA until 31-January.
    • Orders on the Cloud Marketplace will work until 31-January with either the MCRA or the MPA having been. Orders will fail only if neither Agreement is Accepted.
  • Newly onboarding MS Partners from 1-September on must sign the MPA and therefore must enrol for a Partner Center Dashboard AAD Tenant during their registration process.
    • They will never see or sign the MCRA.
  • MS Partners should "form a relationship" with Ingram Micro from their Partner Center Dashboard AAD Tenant using the Partner Invitation Links posted for each Ingram Micro country at

Re-Launch of Dynamics 365

Microsoft is re-launching the product catalog for Dynamics 365 on 1-October-2019. There will be changes to what SKUs are offered, pricing strategies, how they may be combined with each other, new incentives and accelerators and more.

Microsoft is providing operational and licensing information in early September, so we will be rapidly turning around messaging for you. Stay tuned throughout September for readiness information.

Microsoft is also providing a series of direct-to-Partner "Office Hours" on this transition to a new Dynamics 365. Ingram associates and MS Partners | Resellers impacted by the Dynamics 365 changes are encouraged to attend throughout September. Registration is available at

Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement for 1-October

Microsoft is going live with MPA on Sunday September 1st. Are you and your Resellers (MS Partners) ready? Here are some key things to know:

  • The Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement replaces the legacy CSP Microsoft Cloud Agreement
  • Existing Customers may begin Accepting the Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement on 1-October.
    • Customers must Accept the Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement to transact Modern Commerce products (e.g. Modern Azure).
    • Customers may continue transacting legacy CSP products (e.g. Office 365) with their legacy Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
    • Customers must Accept the Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement by 31-January, even to transact legacy CSP products like Office 365.
  • New Customers as of 1-October must sign the Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement, and will not see or sign the legacy Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
    The preferred compliance motion is for Customers to Accept the Modern Microsoft Customer Agreement by having their Administrator click-to-Accept from within their own Customer AAD Tenant. The Cloud Marketplace will encourage this behaviour, but will also continue to permit Partner Attestation on behalf of the Customer.
    For new Customers, if the MS Partners is "creating" the Customer on an Ingram Cloud Marketplace, they may do a Partner Attestation at the time of first Sales Order. After that, Customers are encouraged to go into their new Customer AAD Tenant to self-sign the MCA.
    More details to come throughout September.

Microsoft Perpetual Software

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Product Management is readying a launch of Perpetual Software to all global Cloud Marketplaces where Microsoft supports the product (noting they do not support countries such as Brazil). Your business team has already been approached by Cloud Operations to provide VAR Pricing.

Perpetual Software is a strategic product. For users of Microsoft Open, it is a gateway product in the transition from on-premises solutions and outright sale towards cloud-based Subscription products. It invites Partners to order the product from the Modern Commerce experience while still giving them the outright sales product. But, once transacting in Modern Commerce (on our Cloud Marketplaces), it's only one more step to start ordering Subscription versions of the services.

This represents an opportunity and a competitive threat. During the MS Partner transition from Open to Modern Perpetual, MS Partners may re-evaluate from which Provider they wish to deal. Ingram Micro has the opportunity to sell the value proposition of its Cloud Marketplaces to net new MS Partners. At the same time, our competitors may try to entice MS Partners out of our Open base to their ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more readiness and go-to-market preparation in the coming weeks.

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